Shipwreck Marijuana Strain

Shipwreck is a mellow sativa that’s popular in Oregon. With moderate THC levels, this is the perfect daytime strain for anyone new to cannabis.

Shipwreck Weed; Shipwreck Cannabis Strain; Shipwreck Sativa Marijuana Strain

Shipwreck is a mellow Sativa that’s popular in Oregon. If you’re ready for a nice day about town or plan to be active, Shipwreck is a great choice. It’s also ideal weed for chilling out with friends. It’s mellow and relaxing, but you’ll have plenty of energy and high spirits. With moderate THC levels, this is the perfect daytime strain for anyone new to cannabis.


Shipwreck Experience

Shipwreck is a pleasant, chatty Sativa that’s perfect for daytime use. A cross between Trainwreck and Mothership, this uplifting strain has a moderate THC content of 12 to 15%. If you’re new to cannabis, Shipwreck is an easy way to get used to the herb. Though popular in Oregon, this strain may be difficult to find anywhere else. Fortunately, Oregon allows recreational cannabis sales to tourists and residents alike.

Shortly after consumption, this marijuana provides enthusiasts with a tingly, refreshing sense of uplift. This develops into a focused but relaxed head high that promotes exploration and sociability. It’s definitely an upper weed, and yet it’s still quite mellow in nature. As it wears off, you may experience some drowsiness.

Patients with ADD/ADHD tend to like the calming focus this strain provides. It’s also great for migraines and tension headaches. While not the best option for chronic pain, Shipwreck can soothe mild inflammatory aches. It’s also great for kicking stress to the curb.

Also, in terms of food pairings, the peppery lemon flavors in this strain make it great with all sorts of dishes. Pair it with some asparagus, poultry dishes, and crisp summer greens.


Traits of Shipwreck and Shipwreck Seeds

Shipwreck typically consists of small chunky lime green buds with a fair amount of trichome coverage, which are slightly sticky with resin. The smell of this cannabis is a beguiling combination of a sweet, earthy skunk and a lemony pepper overtone. Once ignited the more candy-like aromas of the weed dominate, making the smoke a pleasing confection in and of itself.


Medical Benefits of Shipwreck

Despite the aggressive name, this herb might be just what some medical marijuana patients need when their symptoms have them feeling lost at sea.

  • Uplifting properties of this marijuana could be useful for patients dealing with mild depression or other mood disorders.
  • Focused high may offer relief to sufferers of ADD/ADHD.
  • Anaesthetic qualities of make it potentially pleasing weed for those with headaches or other minor pains.
September 07, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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September 07, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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