Sour Cheese Marijuana Strain

Sour Cheese is a pungent, funky Sativa-dominant hybrid which provides an exhilaratingly clear and euphoric head high, great for sociability or creativity.

Sour Cheese Weed; Sour Cheese Cannabis Strain; Sour Cheese Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Sour Cheese is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid strain, bred from two formidable parents, Sour Diesel and Cheese. And, despite its funky taste and gross-sounding name, cannabis consumers really love its uplifting, creative high. This is the kind of marijuana that will put you in a chatty, curious headspace for hours. Some enjoy smoking it before a party, and others like consuming it before engaging in intellectual work.

Sour Cheese Experience

Yeah, it’s called Sour Cheese. This is an off-putting strain name if there’s ever been one. However, enthusiasts shouldn’t let that scare them away from this Sativa-dominant Hybrid marijuana, which is an upper weed that creates euphoric, creative moods. As well, at 18-24% THC, it’s as potent as it is fun.

Enthusiasts consuming this cannabis will quite quickly observe themselves drifting into an elevated state of mind. A giggly euphoria tends to bloom, accompanied by snaky, twisty thought patterns. Along with that comes a pleasing, energetic focus.

Some enthusiasts find this lifted state appropriate for being chatty and connecting with other people. Others use this upper weed for getting deep into creative work, whether that’s painting or coding. Regardless, this marijuana is lovely for enthusiasts who enjoy a bouncy, stimulating high.

Sour Cheese is a slightly obscure strain, which means that it’s difficult if not impossible to find in shatter or vape formats.

Traits of Sour Cheese

Sour Cheese consists of dull green buds with faint orange pistils. Surface trichome coverage is moderate, and the marijuana isn’t noticeably sticky. As for the smell, well, it’s all in the name. This is super stinky stuff, which balances sourness, dairy overtones, and skunk.

There are a few consumers who really enjoy pungent-smelling weed, but others will consider the taste of this strain a sacrifice made in service of a stellar head high. As well, the smoke is slightly acrid.

Medical Benefits of Sour Cheese

  • Creates a euphoria that could be helpful for patients dealing with mild depression and related mood disorders.
  • Mildly anesthetic, and thus perhaps useful for those with minor aches and pains.
  • Relaxing properties which may be pleasing for sufferers of stress or anxiety.
March 07, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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March 07, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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