Sour Kush Weed; Sour Kush Cannabis Strain; Sour Kush Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Sour Kush Marijuana Strain

The Sour Kush marijuana strain produces a strong hybrid experience. Clear-headed and calm, this high-THC flower packs the potent punch more seasoned cannabis consumers are looking for.

Sour Kush has, in some tests, registered over 30% THC. These high levels mean this strain is recommended for experienced cannabis consumers. This DNA Genetics creation is a powerful medical strain with relaxing yet clear-headed effects.


Sour Kush Experience

This flower’s experience is happy and uplifting, allowing consumers to get things done without feeling hazy or unfocused. However, this strain is considered an Indica-dominant hybrid and tends to promote a low-key vibe rather than an energetic elevation.

This marijuana strain is quite potent, meaning that this flower is best enjoyed in low to moderate doses. In higher doses, consumers may experience more sedative effects of this flower.

When consumed in moderation, however, it makes for an appropriate daytime and afternoon flower. Happy, upbeat, and euprhoric, this cannabis strain promotes a joyful mental relaxation within minutes of first inhalation.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Sour Kush Oil Pens are available from brands such as We Clone.
  • Sour Kush shatter, Sour Kush wax, and other Sour Kush concentrates are also available on occasion from select retailers.

Traits of Sour Kush and Sour Kush Seeds

This strain is often the most potent bud on dispensary or coffee shop shelves, boasting a heavy coating of THC, averaging between 20 and 26% of the psychoactive. In some tests, this strain has reached up to 30% THC, making it a recommended strain for experienced marijuana consumers.

This strain was formally called Headband but has since been further developed by DNA Genetics. Like many Kush flowers, this marijuana strain has inherited a robust woody pine aroma with plenty of earthy pungency. Yet, a strong sour citrus fragrance helps this weed stand apart from its siblings and relatives.


Medical Benefits of Sour Kush

Thanks to its Hybrid effects, this strain is a top choice for medical cannabis patients seeking daytime relief.

  • Many cannabis patients with mental health conditions use this flower for relief from anxiety, depression, and chronic stress
  • Many use this pungent hybrid for pain and muscle tension relief. This strain is popular among those who experience muscle spasms
  • While Indica strains are typically recommended for the management of physical ailments, this strain provides the physically relaxing body effects without the mental sedation

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