Super Sour Diesel Weed; Super Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain; Super Sour Diesel Sativa Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Super Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain

Get ready for a surge of cerebral energy with Super Sour Diesel. The potent child of Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, this strain is perfect for morning stimulation. Though, in high doses you may feel a little introverted.

Super Sour Diesel brings together two of the titans of the cannabis world to create a 100% pure Sativa. A cross between Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, this super fast, cerebral Sativa is a perfect daytime strain, offering a boost in energy, creativity and mood.


Super Sour Diesel Experience

Get ready for a spirited mental experience. This lively Sativa has inherited the best from its parents, Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel. Birthed from two legendary Sativas, Super Sour Diesel is fast, racy, and filled with THC. Expect up to 24% of the psychoactive cannabinoid in this strain.

This strain is known to promote focus and creativity. This strain is energizing enough for morning use, making it a nice choice for when you need to hunker down and finish up a project.

As a warning, Super Sour Diesel is not the best choice for inexperienced marijuana enthusiasts. The intense psychoactive experience may make you feel a little paranoid or introverted if you consume too much.

Those cannabis consumers looking for alternatives to smoking can also find Super Sour Diesel oils, waxes, tinctures and shatter from a number of reputable companies, including Dabacus and Cal Extracts.


Traits of Super Sour Diesel and Super Sour Diesel Seeds

One whiff of this strain and marijuana connoisseurs will recognize its famous parents. A pungent jet fuel scent fills the room, similar to most Diesel strains, letting cannabis fans know they’re in for a potent experience.

On the inhale, the flower lives up to expectations, with an aromatic fuel taste. The Super Silver Haze lineage reveals itself on the exhale, with a tangy aftertaste sticking to the tongue.

Marijuana growers can expect Super Sour Diesel seeds to produce long, almost spear-shaped buds. Deep green buds are knotted up with eye-catching orange pistils and topped with a nice layer of white crystals.

These trichomes make this weed a pretty sticky proposition — keep your grinder nearby.


Medical Benefits of Super Sour Diesel

This strain’s super potency can make it a little intense for some medical marijuana patients, but for others, it’s just the help they need to fight a number of symptoms.

  • Great for those with ADD/ADHD, as Super Sour Diesel offers increased focus
  • Those with migraines, arthritis, nausea, and chronic fatigue also tend to like this strain.
  • Thanks to its hunger-inducing effects, this can be an excellent strain for those dealing with a lack of appetite

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