Sweet Nina Marijuana Strain

Sweet Nina is a Hybrid marijuana strain. This lemony kush favorite has been making waves in the cannabis community thanks to its creative buzz.

Sweet Nina Weed; Sweet Nina Cannabis Strain; Sweet Nina Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Sweet Nina is a Colorado strain that’s certainly made an impression. New to the scene, this hybrid has a delightfully fruity and floral aroma. Expect a balanced mind and body experience from this bud.


Sweet Nina Experience

The Sweet Nina cannabis strain is a rising star in Colorado. This balanced hybrid was bred by the geniuses at Colorado Seed Inc. This flower is a cross between Hindu Kush and another Colorado Seed strain, Nina Limone.

The high from this bud nicely showcases its heritage. It is known to inspire some invigorating and creative mental simulation. Yet, at the same time, a pleasant Indica feel edges into the body for some physical relaxation. Overall, expect a calm and serene experience from this herb.

If you’re hoping for a quality afternoon delight, this is is your girl. Some marijuana consumers report that this flower is slightly Indica-dominant. Watch out for a little drowsiness as the experience continues. The THC content in this bud can get quite high. Test results for Sweet Nina have detected between 19 and 22.1% THC.


Traits of Sweet Nina and Sweet Nina Seeds

Though this strain will be difficult to find outside of the Centennial State, both medical and recreational marijuana consumers should give the Sweet Nina marijuana strain a taste while you’re in town.

This lady has a fruity, almost citrus taste with a distinct floral, fennel-like aroma. Of course, expect some earthy undertones thanks to Kush genetics.

This strain has a high trichome to leaf ratio. Marijuana enthusiasts can expect this beautiful bud to produce some purple hues in cooler conditions. Otherwise, this strain produces some frosty, light green flowers.


Medical Benefits of Sweet Nina

Many medical marijuana patients have turned to this strain when they need a little TLC, as it offers a range of therapeutic conditions.

  • Medical consumers may find some decent pain relief from this fragrant hybrid.
  • Those with chronic stress and upset stomach can benefit from the herb as well.
  • This strain might also be a good fit for those with inflammatory conditions which respond best to a more physical strain.
October 12, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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October 12, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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