Willy's Wonder Weed; Willy's Wonder Cannabis Strain; Willy's Wonder Indica Marijuana Strain
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Willy’s Wonder Marijuana Strain

Willy’s Wonder, also know as William’s Wonder, is a name well known in the marijuana community. A classic Indica marijuana of Afghan descent, this strain has citrus flavors and leave you feeling relaxed, happy and even euphoric.

Willy’s Wonder, also know as William’s Wonder, is a name well known in the marijuana community. Since first appearing breeder catalogs in the late 80s, Willy’s Wonder has been thrilling cannabis consumers with it’s citrus and tropical fruit aroma. This THC heavy Indica is not for the faint of heart, however, as over the years its potency has grown as much as its reputation.


Willy’s Wonder Experience

As noted, Willy’s Wonder is not a marijuana strain for beginners thanks to its high THC content, which can reach as high as 30%. Due to its potency, Willy’s wonder is a strain best used at the end of the day as the high can sweep over cannabis consumers and leave them locked to the couch or headed to bed pretty quickly. First timers might feel a touch of dizziness along with some next day fatigue or fogginess.

Marijuana consumers can also expect to find Willy’s Wonder in a number of other forms, including;

  • Willy’s Wonder wax, from companies such as Northwest Leaf and Thompson Caribou Concentrates, for those who prefer concentrates.
  • There are Willy’s Wonder Oil Pens also available for cannabis consumers who prefer to vape


Traits of Willy’s Wonder and Willy’s Wonder Seeds

Willy’s Wonder is popular for more than just its potency, however. For decades, marijuana connoisseurs have loved its unique combination of citrus, tropical fruit and pine aromas which are both sweet and fresh. Flavorwise cannabis fans can expect more of the same, with citrus and fruit flavors dominating the palette.

Willy’s Wonder’s buds will have marijuana fans licking their lips with anticipation. Bright, nearly neon green leaves are riddled with long, twisting orange pistils and a healthy frosting of trichomes.


Medical Benefits of Willy’s Wonder

Medical marijuana patients have used Willy’s Wonder to treat a number of ailments over the years;

  • With excellent analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, this strain is excellent for cannabis patients dealing with inflammation from chronic pain caused by a number of conditions.
  • It’s potent sedative qualities or great for those dealing with insomnia, while patients suffering from a lack of appetite will be able to get back on track with Willy’s Wonder.
  • This strain is also great for those dealing with PTSD, depression and anxiety.

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