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Zkittlez Marijuana Strain

Zkittlez is a Hybrid marijuana strain. Just as flavorful as the candy, this strain will leave cannabis consumers feeling uplifted, relaxed and ready for a creative project.

Zkittlez is an award-winning Indica-dominant herb from 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz. This bud is bursting with tropical fruit flavors and boasts a moderate THC level, usually somewhere around the 15% mark. Pick this herb up for an uplifting experience with some pleasantly relaxed sensations.


Zkittlez Experience

The Zkittlez marijuana strain has a nicely stocked trophy case. A cross between Grape Ape, Grapefruit and a mystery third partner took home 1st place at both the 2016 Emerald Cup and the 2015 Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and Michigan.

After just a few puffs, marijuana enthusiasts will understand why. Despite its Indica-leaning genetics, this herb packs a pleasantly focused high. Ride the wave of motivation to complete a creative project, or enjoy some time outside at the end of a long day.

As the more euphoric effects of the buzz begin to wear off, many cannabis consumers will start to feel a little drowsy. Save this strain for the evening and take the happy vibes to bed for a deep and restful sleep.

Thanks to its moderate THC levels, this weed is rarely overpowering, making it a nice option for less experienced marijuana consumers, or just those looking for a mellow high to enjoy at the end of the day or on a lazy weekend.


Traits of Zkittlez and Zkittlez Seeds

Just like the candy, marijuana enthusiasts can open up the bag and taste the rainbow. Inheriting the robust flavors of its parent plants, the Zkittlez cannabis strain has notes of grape, berry, tropical fruit and a candylike sweetness to top it all off. The presence of sour grapefruit flavors help to scythe through all that sweetness for a nicely balanced smoke.

The aroma is very similar, with grape and berry scents mixing with a sour citrus element. Cannabis connoisseurs may also detect a slightly herbal scent. The powerful aroma will fill the room pretty quickly, something to keep in mind if discretion is a concern.

While the effects aren’t quite typical of Indica leaning strain, Zkittlez definitely looks the part. Medium sized buds are round with densely coiled leaves.

An array of burnt orange and rust colored pistils twist their way out of the lime green leaves. A layer of resinous crystals makes this weed shimmer just a little, without leaving it too sticky.


Medical Benefits of Zkittlez

Offering a nice balance between uplifting and relaxing effects, this flower is a nice option for a number of medical marijuana patients.

  • Conditions such as depression and stress respond well to this good-natured herb.
  • Medical cannabis patients who struggle with nausea or lack of appetite may find some relief with this bud.
  • Thanks to the increased sense of focus this flower offers, it can be an effective way to manage ADD/ADHD.

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