Let’s face it– nobody’s perfect. But when it comes to joint rolling, “practice makes perfect” can be a fun process. Grab some paper and improve your rolling technique—and then smoke all those beautiful joints you have crafted.

The Paper

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The paper you choose might be the most important decision you make, ever. There are many different papers available on the market, made from different materials. Higher quality or eco papers will have fewer contaminants. You can also buy papers with flavor added if you like some extra taste, but those may have artificial dyes, bleaches or other toxins (if you’re worried about health risks or the environment).

Choose a rolling paper that doesn’t add a bad taste to the joint, as some papers leave an aftertaste that not everyone likes. Papers that are thin and burn evenly and slowly are best. Some people prefer hemp rolling papers because they don’t burn between puffs.

Bonus tip: If you like carrying papers with you, buy a rolling paper protector. It sounds lame, but it stops the papers from bending and tearing, making them easier to use.

The Grinding

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Although it’s not necessary to have a grinder, it’s helpful to have one. They save time in the rolling process and provide a place to store your weed if you’re transporting it. It also makes it easier to evenly grind the herb. Fine-grinding ensures that you won’t use as much marijuana, saving you money. Plus, you can get a grinder to show off your personality.

Don’t rush the grinding. Take your time breaking down the weed, so you can be sure it rolls more evenly. Remove all stems and make sure the buds are broken into smaller pieces. This protects your paper from tearing.

The Rolling

We aren’t judging, but your rolling expertise can have a huge effect on how good your smoking experience is. Roll it too tight and there won’t be enough airflow. Roll it too loose and the joint will taste bad. Aim for just right. Easy, no?

If you’ve never rolled a joint before, or want to be sure you’re using the optimal method, peruse this guide on how to roll a joint in just three minutes.

The Mix

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Some smokers mix other substances with their weed, changing the flavor of the joint and allowing it to burn longer. Tobacco, for example, burns at a slower rate than cannabis, drawing out the smoking process and allowing for more hits on the joint. Keep in mind that there are health effects associated with tobacco smoking.

When rolling, avoid placing all your ground herb in the center of the paper—too much weed here can cause it to roll unevenly. Instead, spread it out to both sides, with less in the middle. As you roll, it’ll even out.

While you roll the joint, give a last feel for seeds, stems or uneven pieces and remove any that you find. It takes a few extra moments at this stage but it makes for a better smoking experience overall.

The Roach

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A roach (sometimes called a crutch or a tip) is a piece of tightly rolled cardboard placed at the end of the joint when rolling to prevent it from closing. A joint with a closed end is harder and more frustrating to smoke, so a roach keeps the smoking process pleasant. The roach also helps direct the flow of smoke and prevents weed from falling into your mouth (unless you’re into that sort of thing). Even better, it prevents your lips and fingers from getting burned.

Who said practicing wasn’t fun?


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