The Kind Pen DREAM is a sleek and gorgeous portable vaporizer for concentrates. It’s perfect for the cannaseur who loves to stand out and be swagged out! Simple, well-made hardware and adjustable controls make it a sound everyday carry for the vaper on the go. Just don’t forget your dabs.

Groovy gunmetal

kp2 Daydreaming With The Kind Pens DREAM Portable Vaporizer

Style is an important element in the vape culture. These vape pens deliver with a thick and straight body that is reminiscent of popular nicotine vapes.

The Kind Pen DREAM comes in several different amazing colors, all with a sexy chrome finish. In order to activate the vape and change the temperature, you simply tap the touch-sensitive button on the end, lighting it up with color-coded LEDs.

If you prefer vaping on the down low, this one may not be for you. However, if you love to be seen with all the coolest, raddest toys, then it’s definitely for you!

The rose gold would make an excellent holiday gift for the perfect stoner girlfriend – just saying.

The Kind Pen DREAM

kp1 Daydreaming With The Kind Pens DREAM Portable Vaporizer
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Form truly meets function in this vape, as it works simply and without a hitch every time. The few parts that are removable fit tightly and securely so there’s nothing to worry about.

It’s easy to charge on the included microUSB charger; the battery lasted me a full day of dabs!

The adjustable temperature and air flow controls were also fun to play around with. I imagine it would be beneficial to experiment with different temperatures to find what works with different concentrates.

For me, the lowest temperature setting was preferable as it allowed me to get the full flavor of my CO2 wax. I found that the coils heated quickly and did a good job of burning all the material out of the chamber.

Overall this portable vaporizer is a great pick for concentrate lovers on the go! Much more portable than an electric rig, and stylish to boot, it ranks high on the list of portable vapes on the market.

The Kind Pen DREAM retails at around $100, and interested vapers can check out the full lineup of vapes at

he   1 Daydreaming With The Kind Pens DREAM Portable Vaporizer

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he   1 Daydreaming With The Kind Pens DREAM Portable Vaporizer