Do you love dank nug shots? If so, itโ€™s time to elevate your Instagram game. Enjoy 420 twenty-four seven by following the loudest accounts on Instagram. From knockout kush to ganja goodness, these 10 cannabis photographers will blow you away.

1. @Imcannabess

Bess Byers captures the people, plants, and products of the cannabis industry. Expect beautiful buds, lit ladies, and amazing high-quality cannabis photography

2.ย @Oleg333

I502’s need to step up their photography game. Hit me up for macro rates.

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A Seattle-based cannabis and product photographer, Oleg Zharkyโ€™s Instagram is a must see. Pic after pic reveals gorgeous ganja-fueled photo shoots.

3. @BCBubbleMan

Squished out that #teflon #cherrypieX09cookies from @sunrisewellnessfoundation4.0 @sunrisegardens_

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For over 20 years, Bubble Man has been sharing his passion for water extraction. His feed is full of the best bubble hash shots around. If you appreciate chronic content, give him a follow.

4.ย @Damerogue

You gonna wish you stuck around for this ๐ŸŒฌ๐Ÿ’จ Model: @bangkittybang Photographer: @damerogue

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Sensual shoots sprinkled with cannabis, this is one account you will not want to miss. Jenniferโ€™s feed is full of creative eye-catching images.

5.ย @Shesmokesjoints

Want more budย pics in your feed? How about dank dabs? All things herb, Courtney is a cannabis photographer and consultant. Follow her for daily dope content

6.ย @Erik.nugshots

Photographer by day and scientist by night, expect gorgeous strain shots and juicy trichomes. A must follow if you appreciate awesome macro shots.

7.ย @Thiscannabislife

Chances are if youโ€™ve searched for #cannabis on Instagram, youโ€™ve seen one of Morganโ€™s amazing shots. Specializing in cannabis lifestyle photography, she captures the faces and products of the cannabis industry.

8.ย @Devilslettuceph

Concentrates to flowers, this account has it all. Her captivating images will blow you away.

9.ย @Apotfarmersdaughter


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If you want to be inspired, follow this account now. Kristenโ€™s feed documents the story of cannabis and the community behind it.

10. @Trichomeartstudio

Appreciate beautiful buds? Give this account a follow for epic macro photography.ย 

 10 Highly Talented Cannabis Photographers On Instagram You Should Follow

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 10 Highly Talented Cannabis Photographers On Instagram You Should Follow