Do you ever order one too many burgers at the drive-thru when you have the munchies? If so, the last thing you’ve probably ever thought of doing with it is smoking out of it. Now that the idea is in your head, you might as well give it a try. Not only does it beat being wasteful, but it’s also super simple to do. Be sure to check out the video below to learn how to make a deliciously smokeable burger pipe.

How to make a burger pipe

If you’re new to the world of smokable/edible devices, there’s no better place to start than with a burger. Burgers are cheap, delicious and adaptable.

To get started, you’ll need a burger, your best bud, a bowl piece, and a straw. And if greasy fingers aren’t your thing, perhaps grab a napkin while you’re at it.

First, you’re going to use the straw to carve a hole for your bowl piece right in the middle of the burger. Then, take the straw and push it through the side of the burger for the mouthpiece.

Make sure both of the holes connect. You should be able to see a bit of light passing through.

Once they are connected, the last step is to put in your bowl piece. And if you don’t want to smoke directly out of the burger, then cut a piece of the straw and use that as the mouthpiece instead.

There you have it, the burger pipe. All that’s left to do is pack it, spark it, and get high. Eating the burger afterward is up to you.