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Culture | 08.13.2019

5 Things You Can Add To Your Bowl Or Joint For An Extra Kick

From twaxing the tip of a joint to sprinkling some kief in your bowl, here are five ways to add concentrates to your bowl or joint.

Looking to spice up your ordinary joint or bowl? If so, then try adding a little something extra to your weed, specifically concentrated cannabis. Not only will it enhance the flavor of your smoke, but it can also improve the overall appearance. Not to mention, create a better high, one that will likely kick your ass, but in a good way. Although certain additives are difficult to mix in, some are rather simple to incorporate. From twaxing the tip of a joint to sprinkling some kief in your bowl, here are five ways to add concentrates to your bowl or joint.

1. Roll concentrates and kief inside of a joint

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In fact, concentrates and kief can go both inside and outside of a joint. By adding the two, it makes the joint burn more slowly. Also, it makes it far more potent than your standard joint.

However, adding too much kief will cause a joint to burn improperly. So, be sure to only scatter just a tad over your flower.

As for concentrates, it’s crucial that you place them in the center and fold the weed over as you roll. Otherwise, they will stick to the paper and will not burn. Then you’d be left with runs in your joint, which ruins it all. Make sure you add your flower before your concentrates, and you’ll be solid.

2. Add kief to your bowl

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Kief is like the icing on top of cake; it makes everything better. Not to mention, adding kief to your pipe is the easiest way to boost your high.

Kief is the trichomes that form on cannabis flowers. All you have to do is sprinkle some on top of your flower. That’s it! It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

3. Twax the tip of a joint

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Twaxing the end of your joint makes for one beautiful masterpiece. By drizzling some shatter onto the tip, it’ll give your joint the extra kick that it needs.

Whether you’re using crumble or shatter, make sure you add flame to it using a lighter so that it will boil and melt rather than burn all at one time. As a result, you’ll be left with gorgeous shatter webs.

4. Put kief on the end of a joint

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First, to add kief on the end of your joint, you need to apply shatter. Again, you’ll need to hold a lighter to your shatter so that it becomes sticky.

After it becomes nice and goopy, just roll the end of your joint into the kief.

5. Apply shatter on the outside of a joint

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Ever wondered how people make those spiral, golden delights on the outside of their joints? If so, you’re about to find out.

To start with, you’ll need to grab your shatter and warm it up with your fingers. Once it loses its stability and stretches out to the length you desire, then you can begin wrapping it around the outside of your joint.

In case you’re dealing with stubborn shatter that doesn’t want to lose its stability, then just place it onto a dabbing rig and apply heat using a lighter. You can try out this method when adding shatter to the tip of a joint as well.

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