Social housing landlords across the city of Liverpool, UK, have launched a crackdown and threatening eviction. Tenants are being warned they could be evicted for smoking weed in their homes as part of a crackdown on cannabis use.

Cannabis under fire

How Smoking Cannabis 1 How Smoking Cannabis Could Get You Evicted
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A group of social housing providers with tens of thousands of homes across Liverpool says smoking weed is a “nuisance”, a fire risk and often linked to antisocial behavior.

They are threatening to use eviction as a last resort to tackle not only cannabis cultivation but also possession and use of the drug in rented accommodation.

Police, fire, council and housing chiefs have launched a joint campaign called “Use it? Lose it!” and will distribute posters and leaflets across the region to highlight the crackdown.

Donna Kelly, Regional Director at Liverpool Housing Trust, which has more than 11,000 homes, said,

Cannabis use in rented properties, particularly those with communal areas, can be a real nuisance to residents. Not only is it illegal, it is also often linked to other anti-social behaviour.

This campaign sends out a clear message to those using illegal drugs: we take this matter very seriously and will take the appropriate action to protect other residents – including eviction.

Fury amongst residents

How Smoking Cannabis 2 How Smoking Cannabis Could Get You Evicted
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However, local residents are calling out landlord threatening to evict tenants who smoke cannabis in their own homes. Housing associations across Merseyside warned smokers could be booted out as a last resort as part of a crackdown on cannabis use and cultivation.

But two-thirds of readers in a local newspaper poll said it was unfair to clamp down on people who smoke at home. Several readers claimed housing bosses and the police should focus on problem drinking and more serious drug use instead of penalizing people who quietly smoke weed at home.

The world is legalising it, we are so backward. Alcohol and some prescription drugs kill, cannaboids help numerous ailments. – Carl Davies

Drink causes far more problems than dope ever did! – Ellen Evans

Drinking is what’s breaking doors, ruining walls, causing fights and causing noise, not weed. Double standards. – Dean Carr