Smoking weed by yourself isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But for some, it’s life. Not only do you get to be selfish with your bud, but you are also in full control of the sesh. Perhaps if you aren’t enjoying quality time with only you and your pot, then maybe you just aren’t doing it right. Getting high alone doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can be a million times more fun than toking with other humans. From choosing the right place to the perfect time, here are 5 easy ways to step up your solo smoke sesh game.

1. Pick an ideal location

5 Ways To 1 5 Easy Ways To Step Up Your Solo Smoke Sesh Game
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When it comes to having an excellent solo sesh, location is everything. All in all, you’re going to want to choose a spot where you’ll be the most comfortable. For some, this may be outdoors. And for others, their bedroom works best.

Just look at Rihanna in the photo above. She’s by herself, but she’s having the time of her life. And you can too with the right setting. Switching up where you toke from time to time can help as well. Instead of sticking to one place, be a little adventurous and try somewhere new, like in the woods or somewhere random like inside a hot bubble bath.

2. Choose a time when you know you won’t be interrupted

5 Ways To 2 5 Easy Ways To Step Up Your Solo Smoke Sesh Game
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If you decide to smoke pot when too much is going on around you, it’s kind of hard to enjoy yourself. But by picking a time when you know you for a fact you won’t be bothered, it can be pure bliss.

For example, wake and bakes are perfect for those whose only alone time is during the morning hours. And for the ones that can’t light up until the day is done and the rest of the house is asleep, there is the night.

3. Stop sticking to one device and one form of cannabis

5 Ways To 3 5 Easy Ways To Step Up Your Solo Smoke Sesh Game
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Think of it this way. When it comes to a good meal, which would you rather have? A plate filled with just one thing, or one that offers a variety? You’re going to want the second choice, of course.

Treat your solo sesh the same way you would breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t always smoke out of the same device, and don’t always smoke the same strain or form of cannabis. Like food, sticking to the same ol’ same ol’ gets old fast.

4. Eliminate the noise or turn it up a notch

5 Ways To 4 5 Easy Ways To Step Up Your Solo Smoke Sesh Game
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Are you someone who gets annoyed by too much sound? If so, then shut off the television and allow yourself to smoke in peace. Or, if you’re a pot smoker that likes a little distraction, play some music, grab a good novel, or put on your favorite show. Whatever works for you, go for it. Sometimes, a smoke sesh could use a little something extra. And other times, nothing at all.

5. Make the most out of your high

5 Ways To 5 5 Easy Ways To Step Up Your Solo Smoke Sesh Game
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Rather than sitting around waiting for your high to vanish, get out there and do something. From sex to exercise, there are a ton of activities that can enhance your buzz, or at least make the experience more fun.