Brittney Sanger

Brittney Sanger is a freelance E-commerce writer at Herb. Her ultimate passion is cannabis products, from bongs to weed lube. Over her two and a half years of being a writer at Herb, she has also worked on branded content, along with news, culture, and strains.

The best rosin press options, not matter your budget

A hand places a nug in the best rosin press

Help manage everything from seizures to allergies with the best hemp oil for dogs.

A terrier tries some of the best hemp oil for dogs from a dropper

Choose the best LED grow lights to ensure huge yields

A cannabis plant illuminated by one of best LED grow lights

Maintain a low-key high with the best products for microdosing.

Woman enjoys a Cloud Buster Kin Strip, one of the best products for microdosing

You don’t need to invest in expensive LEDs to get your grow going. The best HID grow lights are a great, cost-effective alternative.

A cannabis plant is light from the rear by one of the best HID grow lights on the market

This is the only holiday gift guide you need.

A weed nug wrapped in holiday ribbon to look like a Christmas tree for Herb's Holiday Gift Guide

Weed coffee is exploding—find out which ones you need to try.

Enjoy the best weed coffee with the best of guide

A must-have for every cannabis enthusiast, these are the best pipes according to you!

Best Pipes for Smoking Weed

If you want to grow weed while kicking back on the couch, these grow-boxes are your answer.

In this article, we cover what's makes for the best grow box for beginners. Here, a grow box is shown in someone's home

Skip the nicotine with the best tobacco-free blunt wraps money can buy.

In this article, we feature the 10 best tobacco-free blunt wraps. Here, a man is shown lighting a blunt

Take your smoke sessions to the next level with the best weed games.

In this article, we cover all the best weed games for getting high with friends. Here, three friends are shown playing a card game

We help you find the best online seed bank based on your flower preferences and where you live.

In this article, we help you find the best online seed bank for your grow. Here, a man is shown pouring seeds into his hand. Here, a man is shown holding a package of seeds

From motivating you to tackle your to-do list to easing away your worries, here are a few reasons why a good wake and bake is the best way to start the day.

A girl lounges on the bed. A man drinks coffee in bed. Wake and bake is the best way to start the day.

From high-end mechanical devices to on-the-go cards, here is the definitive list of the best weed grinders on the market.

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Stash with the Best Weed Grinders. Here a man is shown with a grinder

It’s not a par-tea without weed tea.

A girl holds a cup of weed tea.

Even in states like California, many weed lovers are sticking to their dealers. Here’s why.

Dispensary vs Street Weed: Is Dispensary Weed Better? Here, a man is shown rolling a joint

Infuse weed fashion into your wardrobe without looking like a stoner.

Weed Fashion That Says ‘I Love Cannabis, But I’m Tasteful About It.' Here, the puff puff pass sweatshirt is shown

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