Charlie Tetiyevsky

Charlie Tetiyevsky is a poet and non-fiction writer working out of Los Angeles. They can be found on Twitter at @charlie_gfy and Instagram at @charliegfy.

From Girl Scout troop leader to pot trailblazer.

It’s up to every province to decide the legal age for consumption and where they’ll sell pot come next July. We’ve got the latest on all the quickly-changing regulations.

Cannabis saved these veterans' lives. Now, they're paying it forward.

The usually transparent brewer is rightfully secretive about her process because of how much trial and error it took to perfect.


In 2015, thirty-six percent of “executive-level positions” in the cannabis industry were held by women in comparison to 23 percent in other industries.

a female owner of a marijuana dispensary in Portland Oregon poses with cannabis product

After years of turmoil, Greece may finally be on the way to finding itself on a financially promising path—marijuana.

Whether you are a virgin-joint-roller or are a veteran looking to brush up on your skills here are 3 ways to roll the perfect joint every time.

How to roll a joint

The school still hasn’t given a good explanation why.

University accused of only giving drug tests to black students

Hundreds of patients have already contacted the company to find out when it will be available in dispensaries.


Some churches don’t maintain the pretense of being a religious organization past their storefront, and use it to skirt the $200,000 dispensary start-up fee.

Priest from the Catholic Churches holds a joint full of marijuana

Studies are now emerging that show just how harmful alcohol is and how benign marijuana is.

Cannabis leaf in the palm of a hand.

It looks like the caricature of the cannabis enthusiast as a college burnout that cuts classes to smoke weed might have just been proved wrong.

Two college students studying while smoking and studying

New York, a state that has had particularly restrictive medical marijuana laws, has now joined 27 other states that legally acknowledge weed treats PTSD.

Veteran lights up a cigar at Veteran Day Parade NYC

Despite the fact that the FDA recently cracked down on CBD companies, the DEA is developing its own relaxed attitude on cannabidiol.

Hand holding a bottle of medical cannabis oil

It can get pretty confusing distinguishing between decriminalization, medical legalization, and recreational legalization. So we broke state legislation down for you.

A woman carries a flag bearing marijuana symbol

High Maintenance is the voice of a weed-smoking generation, putting the stories of people before the plant.

What High Maintenance Gets Right And Wrong About Weed Dealers

Los Angeles is home to many things—sun, Hollywood, traffic—but recently it has also become a serious travel destination for foodies.

Man looks at giant delicious sandwich

In Colorado, the most popular chain restaurants in the world have been officially outdone by the newest industry on the block.

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