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Dan Ophaug is the Branded Editor at Herb. He has written for a number of companies in different verticals, including INVIVO Communications, RED Academy, Format Magazine, Xelo and Benji


Interpreting the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations can be tough. That’s why Herb has prepared this handy guide to help you pick the right licensed producer of medical cannabis for you.

How to Pick The Right Licensed Producer of Medical Cannabis

The argument for CBD oil for epilepsy treatment continues to grow.

CBD Oil for Epilepsy Treatment Backed Up By More Studies

Discover the diet and the detox kit that can get you past any drug test.

Pass Your Drug Test and Get Healthy at the Same Time With This THC Detox Kit

This 4/20, get your stoner partner, amigo or family member a gift that actually stands out.

This one of a kind pipe is the perfect 4/20 gift

These festival-friendly CBD products will keep you elevated and safe at the same time.

CBD-infused sunscreen and flavor drops will elevate your festival season

If you’re looking for discretion, look no further.

This weed inhaler lets you take a break from your boring old bong

It’ll help you reach highs of a different kind.

CBD-Infused Lube Is Just What You Need to Elevate Your Sex Life

K9’s can’t detect the cannabis in these bags.

These smell-proof bags make it almost impossible to get busted

Don’t get caught buying snake oil from shady companies.

Make Sure You’re Buying Quality CBD Oil with This 6 Step Checklist

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