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I am from Pennsylvania where I lived until moving to Denver in 2013. My interest in the cannabis industry is what drew me to Colorado. I am an aspiring Industrial Hemp Baron, golfer, FIFA champ, long boarder, dog lover, and a potculture trendsetter. Send me a message with any post ideas or industry news. Thanks for making me the writiest of the righters!

Marijuana has been used as a medicine for centuries, but will big pharmaceutical control cannabis in our future?

Will big pharmaceutical control cannabis

Tomorrow, the City Council of Portland will vote to allow the creation of a so-called “Green Light District”.

Green light district in portland

The consumer driven economy has given birth to subscription services like Netflix, Trunk Club, and now that includes marijuana subscription services.

Best marijuana subscription services

A friend informed me recently that he read online that McDonald’s in Colorado were now allow patrons to smoke weed in the restaurants. So I had to find out!

Smoke cannabis at mcdonalds

DEA employees fail drug tests without consequences, despite being in charge of the ‘war on drugs’


Legalization of marijuana at the state level has not led to a national decline in the rate of marijuana arrests.

Marijuana Arrests

These latest marijuana studies dispell the propaganda that has surrounded marijuana for decades.

The goofy marijuana goggles claim to create impairment for users through their unique lenses that remove the color red from the user’s vision..

Fatal Vision marijuana goggles

Early on the morning of September 8th, Hulk and his owners were woken by a loud crash.. It was raining weed

Marijuana falls from the sky

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