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Eccentric absurdist is probably the best way I can describe me! Born to travel, adventure and entertain the curiosities of life. I'm deeply connected with music, literature and the arts and I look to them in search of inspiration. Number one person on my Wishlist to smoke a joint with: Joe Rogan!

There’s no point keeping your relationship with marijuana a secret. It’s time to be loud and proud!

This Backwood blunt uses 125 grams of Vanilla Kush and 12 grams of White Fire rosin. If you can make a blunt this big, it’s time to congratulate yourself.

Backwood blunt

The countless methods used in prisons across the USA to detect illegal substances are causing more rage and more chaos than ever.

Melita Gordon, 95, has been smoking marijuana for the better part of her life, and her story is inspirational for all marijuana enthusiasts out there.

This is for all of those who are always losing the glass screen from their pipes. Check out this video on how to make one in an emergency.

Have you ever walked past room number 420 in a hotel and been tempted to steal the room number? Hotels in the USA are fighting back!

You need to watch the Weed Guy roll an epic joint out of papers made from 24 karat gold.

Sugar for marijuana plants is a disagreement among cannabis cultivators, but this guy is out to prove that it’s good food for your marijuana plant.

There has been disappointing news in the world of medical marijuana politics recently. The state has been struggling to get medical marijuana legalized for a while now, and the latest attempt has proved unfruitful.

There is a part of the world at the moment whose medical marijuana industry is estimated at $100 million, and it hasn’t even really begun yet.

Will the power of the people be too great for the federal government?

Does this mean the next thing on the agenda will be a legal medical marijuana program?

Ohio is well on the road to legalizing medical marijuana, but there is still plenty of work to be done.

Vermont is well on the way to legalizing and regulating marijuana for adults over 21, supporting the expectation that support will continue to grow.

Marijuana affects us all differently, that’s one of the most magical things about it. So why does it cause social paranoia for some? Check out this video to find out!

The way the future is looking for Israel, it could be one of the leaders in research for medical cannabis. Read more to hear about amazing technological advances for marijuana taking place in Israel.

After being notoriously known for its high rate of marijuana arrests, New Orleans decriminalizes the possession of small amounts of marijuana. One small leap for New Orleans but one big leap for the USA?

Recent studies released from Israel suggest that the USA has a lot to gain from federal approval of marijuana. The question is whether or not the federal government will finally accept the truth about marijuana.

Check out this video to see a guy use nothing but his hands, some weed and a lighter to get high! You’ve probably never tried this!

Denver police are getting together to share their side of the marijuana legalization experience.

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