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Steve Elliott is the author of The Little Black Book of Marijuana [2011, Peter Pauper Press; 3rd Edition 2017]. He writes the National News column for Northwest Leaf Magazine.

What are the chances it will pass?

New Mexico

Finally, those targeted by the war on drugs will have access to jobs, health-care and education.

“You can’t be the CDC director and buy stock in [tobacco companies] after you’ve been appointed.”


Get ready to enjoy the warm glow of artistic accomplishment and the relaxing body buzz of THC.

How to Roll a blunt

Are we discovering downsides to legalization? Or is this just growing pains?

Even in legal states, you can get fired for being high on the job, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone.


Mom and pop grows were promised a head start on the recreational market, but it’s not quite panning out that way.


They’re not allowed to have bank accounts.

He’s consistently said the VA can’t research marijuana cause it’s federally illegal.


Guaranteed good time.

weed games

Finally, kids are getting something more than fear-mongering.

Father and son talking about Cannabis

Despite warnings from Tide and health experts, the vaping trend has become a viral sensation in recent weeks.

Man Pouring tide pod gel into a vape

The farmers paid $5000 each for cultivation permits. Now, they’ve been given 90 days to start their lives over.

Cannabis Farmer Calaveras County

The “agent” could be a sticker, tag, microchip or some sort of chemical additive.


Earlier this month, two masked men walked into a dispensary in Ontario, assaulted one of the employees, and made off with merchandise and cash.


Some people swear by it. Here’s why.

raw weed

Now science is backing what some patients have known for years— cannabis can effectively treat arthritis.

Edgar Castro’s case against the Phoenix Police shines a light on police brutality and the continued injustices of the war on drugs.

Police who forced man to eat weed now have to pay him $100,000

With hundreds of new cannabis strains being created every year, it can be challenging to figure out which one best fits your needs.

Cannatonic Weed; Cannatonic Cannabis Strain; Cannatonic Sativa Marijuana Strain

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