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Best Dispensaries In Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale is not only a tourist spot, but it also has some of the best medical cannabis dispensaries in the state.

You may be wondering, where can you get your medical marijuana in Florida?

Well, considering that medical marijuana has been legal since 2016 in the sunshine state, the offer of dispensaries has grown quite a lot in the last few years.

Recreational cannabis is not yet legal in Florida, but for medical patients, the offer is wide, varied, and of excellent quality.

If you’re looking for the best dispensaries with the best products in the Fort Lauderdale area, you’ve come to the right page.


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Trulieve is a nationally recognized dispensary, and for good reason. They are one of the best.

Trulieve offers top-quality products to all medical patients, an incredibly reputable dispensary brand that provides impeccable customer care.

Without a doubt, this dispensary is one of the best options for quality medical cannabis. At Trulieve, patients will be able to find the relief they need through products they can trust.

Their mission is simple but powerful: to provide patients with the compassionate care they can rely on when traditional medicine is not enough.

So, if we had to choose just one dispensary, we would more than likely choose Trulieve.

Miracle Leaf

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Miracle Leaf is a medical cannabis health center for those seeking alternative pathways to a healthier life.

At this dispensary, they have a strong commitment aimed at helping medical cannabis patients throughout the entire process; from the moment a patient walks through Miracle Leaf’s doors to the moment they choose the products that best accommodate their needs.

Miracle Leaf has a great staff. Attentive and willing to answer all questions and provide timely information about cannabis, the products, and their benefits.

Miracle Leaf has state-certified cannabis doctors who work tirelessly to ensure patients live happier, healthier lives.

In its products line-up, Miracle Leaf Health Centers offers novel hemp-derived Delta 8 THC and hemp-derived CBD medical cannabis products. You’ll find tinctures, edibles, vaporizers, flowers, and many more products.

Sunburn Cannabis

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Sunburn Cannabis embodies the ultra-premium southern cannabis brand that celebrates the rebellious, rock n roll, free spirit of America.

Sunburn incorporates the traditions passed down from its founders, employing a team passionate about the plant and growing only the highest quality products.

The staff is great and very knowledgeable; you can see the passion they have for cannabis and their love to pass it on to customers. The atmosphere of the dispensary is always clean, quiet, and fast. Without a doubt, this is one of the best dispensaries in Fort Lauderdale, don’t miss it!

This dispensary not only has unparalleled customer service, but it also offers a wide variety of products designed for every need, and overall, the design of the store is fresh and welcoming.

Surterra Wellness

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Surterra is a dispensary with several locations throughout the state. It has undoubtedly built a reputation as a premier dispensary, not only for the quality of its products – which is second to none – but also for its polite and friendly staff.

Surterra’s products are available in a wide selection of strains, consumption methods, cannabinoids, and ratios. There is a product for every need, and Surterra’s staff is there to guide each person on that path to the ideal product.

Surterra is an elegant and helpful dispensary, where they firmly believe that feeling good is a gift, which should be available to everyone who needs it. We all can and deserve to live a quality life.

A dispensary with a welcoming atmosphere and a staff that goes above and beyond, without a doubt, one of the best in Fort Lauderdale.

Sunnyside Medical Dispensary

Photo By Sunnyside Medical Dispensary

If you’re looking for a top-notch dispensary, Sunnyside is the place for you. Their staff is knowledgeable and willing to shed light on the benefits of cannabis for various aches and pains and daily wellness.

Sunnyside is a friendly place to explore high-quality medical cannabis products to improve daily wellness and overall quality of life.

The world of cannabis can be confusing, and the staff at Sunnyside knows this, which is why they seek to shed light on the subject, educating people on the incredible potential of this wonderful plant to not only help alleviate chronic medical problems but also to be part of the daily wellness routine.

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