Flowerbomb Kush Marijuana Strain

19% thc0.1% cbd

Flowerbomb Kush is an Indica-domianant Hybrid marijuana strain. Experienced consumers will be left feeling creative, focused and a little sleepy.

CerebralCreativeEuphoriaFocusedGigglyHappyHungryPain ReliefPsychedelicRelaxedSleepySocialUplifting
ADD/ADHDAnxietyDepressionInsomniaLack Of AppetiteMuscle SpasmsNauseaPainStress

Flowerbomb Kush is an award-winning craft strain deserving of serious attention. A complex bouquet of wood, spice, cut flowers and citrus gives an intoxicating aroma to a mellow and creative high.


Flowerbomb Kush Experience

This herb is a craft strain from Green House Seed Co. Winner of the best overall strain at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup and 2nd best Coffeeshop Strain in 2013, this Indica-dominant weed is potent and heavy-hitting. However, the overall effects are quite different from other Indica strains.

A cross between Green Crack and OG Kush, the Flowerbomb Kush marijuana strain is considered a 70/30 Indica to Sativa split. Though the sedative side of this strain takes dominance, this woody flower provides an uplifting and creative high that encourages a pleasant mood. These spirited mental effects are accompanied by a slow and delightful feeling of physical ease.

Recreational marijuana consumers will appreciate the giggly and sociable nature of this herb.


Traits of Flowerbomb Kush and Flowerbomb Kush Seeds

The Flowerbomb Kush cannabis strain is an afternoon or evening bud. Those cannabis consumers with some serious Indica experience may like this strain as an all-day solution. Featuring an intricate yet striking woody, floral, and citrus aroma, this is a herb that is bred to impress.


Medical Benefits of Flowerbomb Kush

Overall, this strain is quite powerful. Featuring up to 19% THC, some experience with cannabis is recommended before trying this strain. Some medical marijuana patients may find it’s exactly what they need to treat more chronic conditions, however.

  • Many medical cannabis patients like Flowerbomb Kush for relief from mental health ailments. It is rated highly for anxiety and depression and has some potential for those with ADD/ADHD.
  • The potent plant may even be strong enough to help medical marijuana patients with spasms and pain get caught up on sleep. Those with insomnia may find this strain helpful as well.
  • Physical ailments are also left by the wayside with this herb. Muscle spasms, stress, and tension tend to melt away once the full effects of this strain take hold.
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