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Mango Kush Marijuana Strain

Mango Kush is a Hybrid marijuana strain. Thanks to its tropical fruit flavors and relaxing effects, this strain is popular with medical and recreational consumers.

In some serious need of a mood uplift? Mango Kush is an evening flower known for inspiring big smiles. Sedative yet pleasantly talkative, the Mango Kush strain is an excellent post-work bud. Whip out this stress-relieving flower after a long day, especially if you plan to kick back and enjoy a new comedy or a big dinner. Also great for newer consumers, this strain has moderate THC levels and giggly effects.

Mango Kush Experience

Recommended for the evening time, this is a potent yet relaxing flower perfect for winding down. This strain is a bit more upbeat than its Hindu Kush parent, but the Mango Kush experience is slow and calming overall. Like breathing in lazy tropical vacation, it tends to provide a light and breezy mental experience along with some heavy eyelids.

Even though the THC levels in this bud are moderate, Mango Kush still provides significant body sedative effects. For this reason, new cannabis consumers may want to go easy with this bud. If your dose is too high, this strain has been known to cause couch-lock, dizziness, and perhaps even a headache.

All negatives aside, however, most will find that this strain is all giggles. Puff on this herb while watching a comedy and snuggling with your boo or use it to simply shake off the stress of a long day. Highly euphoric and uplifting, Mango Kush inspires lighthearted sensations and perhaps even some talkativeness, which is great for those who experience social anxiety. Make sure to enjoy it with some yummy snacks.

Recreational marijuana consumers will love Mango Kush for its silly, relaxed, and all around happy high. This is a very calm and mellow strain, perfect for an easy day with friends or family.


Traits of Mango Kush and Mango Kush Seeds

The Mango Kush strain is another fruity Kush bud to add to your cannabis repetition. This drowsy flower is a cross between two indica-dominant strains, Mango and Hindu Kush. Mango is a classic cannabis strain that was popular in the hippie era and has since fallen out of favor, undeservedly so. Hindu Kush is a landrace strain popular among hashish makers and well-known for its sedative effects.

Mango Kush is not likely to be the most potent flower on the shelf. Densely packed nugs are riddled with burnt orange pistils and topped off with a nice dusting of trichomes.  On average, consumers can expect between 15 and 20 percent of the psychoactive. It’s recommended for novice consumers to stick to samples with 15 percent THC and below.

As you might guess, this strain has a delightfully sweet aroma. A real tropical treat, this strain is like a vacation in a plant. Fragrances of fresh cut tropical fruit tease the nose while a musky, herbal aftertaste shines through on the exhale. The tropical sweetness is offset by some classic kush flavors. Experienced cannabis consumers will notice hints of pine on the exhale. Marijuana enthusiasts will feel they’ve been whisked away to beachside paradise when they catch a whiff of this strain. Similar to its flavors, mango aromas meld with familiar kush earthiness.

This strain would be excellent to pair with dishes like teriyaki. Breaking out this flower for a slow summer barbeque also wouldn’t be a bad idea – just don’t fall asleep!

Medical Benefits of Mango Kush

While popular amongst recreational cannabis consumers, this strain offers medical patients relief from a variety of symptoms.

  • Medical marijuana consumers have rated this strain as good evening relief for ailments as serious as cancer, HIV/AIDS, and bipolar disorder
  • This strain may provide light and happy effects, but the Indica in this strain provides powerful pain relief and gets rid of aches and tension.
  • It is also known to stimulate appetite, which may be useful for those who struggle keeping food down, and for treating nausea to boot.
  • Many medical cannabis patients also enjoy this flower for relief from mental health ailments like anxiety and depression. Though, it is likely best to stick to lower doses and work up with Mango Kush. In high doses, Mango Kush may trigger anxiety in some people. Of course, this sleepy flower is also popular among insomniacs.

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