Galactic Jack Marijuana Strain

Galactic Jack Weed; Galactic Jack Cannabis Strain; Galactic Jack Sativa Marijuana Strain
18% THC 0.6% CBD

Galactic Jack is a spunky yet relaxed sativa that can help you get things done. Strong aromas of citrus and pine accompany a focused and uplifting experience.

Pain Relief
Lack Of Appetite

Galactic Jack is a spunky yet relaxed Sativa that can help you get things done. Strong aromas of citrus and pine accompany a focused and uplifting experience.


Galactic Jack Experience

Galactic Jack is a spunky Sativa cross between Jack Herer and Space Queen.

Jack Herer is one of the most popular Sativas in recent history, though it is far more likely to find a Jack hybrid on dispensary shelves these days. Galactic Jack is one such hybrid.

The Herer and Space Queen cross resulted in a flashy and fast-acting Sativa. This herb provides an energizing yet mellow mental experience.

A great choice for getting things done, this strain is speedy enough to help you focus and maintain concentration, yet it is not a particularly racy or psychedelic strain.

Recreational consumers will appreciate the moderate to high levels of THC in this bud. On average, Galactic Jack produces between 16 and 26% of the psychoactive.

Those with little cannabis experience should be cautious with this strain, especially if the sample is on the higher end of the THC scale. Though overall, this strain is easy and upbeat.

The above version of Galactic Jack was bred by TGA Subcool Seeds. However, another version has been popularized by Sin City.

Sin City’s Galactic Jack is a slightly Indica-dominant cross between Alien Dog and Sour Jack.

Traits of Galactic Jack and Galactic Jack Seeds

As if the speedy experience wasn’t enough, this herb’s delightful flavors and aromas are truly out of this world. The scent is primarily that of sweet lemons. Marijuana connoisseurs will also detect pine, pepper and a damp woodiness.

When combusted, this herb unleashes a delightful citrus smoke. Lemon, lime and grapefruit flavors are a real treat for cannabis enthusiasts.

Loosely packed, almost fluffy buds are fern green with a smattering of orange pistils. These nugs are decently frosted with white trichomes, making for some slight stickiness.


Medical Benefits of Galactic Jack

Many medical marijuana patients enjoy this strain, particularly in the morning, thanks to the range of relief it can offer them.

  • This strain is a popular choice amongst patients concerned with mental health. This medical marijuana strain is often used to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders
  • A piney and pungent flower, this strain is also popular among those seeking appetite stimulation and nausea relief
  • Some marijuana patients find this strain can help them to manage the symptoms of arthritis or Crohn’s disease