Jack Frost Marijuana Strain

Jack Frost Weed; Jack Frost Cannabis Strain; Jack Frost Hybrid Marijuana Strain
21% THC 0.1% CBD

Jack Frost is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid marijuana strain. It’s pleasing pine and citrus flavors will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling energetic, euphoric and giggly.

Pain Relief
Lack Of Appetite

Jack Frost is an upbeat 65/35 Sativa-dominant cross. While this strain is energizing, it provides more relaxation and pain relief than the average Sativa flower.


Jack Frost Experience

Jack Frost is a 65/35 Sativa-dominant Hybrid. This happy flower is a cross between three world-famous strains, Jack Herer, White Widow, and Northern Lights #5.

Jack Herer is one of the most popular Sativas available, known for its upbeat and energizing high. White Widow is a powerful, old school Hybrid. Northern Lights is an upbeat yet drowsy Indica.

The result of the mix is a spirited and mellow flower loaded with THC. This herb easily produces up to 23% of the psychoactive, making it an appropriate choice for experienced marijuana consumers. In fact, Goldenseeds, the breeders of Jack Frost, bred this strain over five years to increase potency.

This strain’s high is all smiles. A great choice for marijuana enthusiasts heading to a social gathering, this strain is known to inspire giggle fits and plenty of interesting conversations.

Though happy and uplifting, this Sativa is an afternoon strain. The Northern Lights lineage provides some calm, physical relaxation the experience.

Traits of Jack Frost and Jack Frost Seeds

The perfect strain to shock marijuana consumers out of their winter blues. Strong aromas of woody pine will remind cannabis enthusiasts of a walk in the woods on a cold winter day, while the bright lemon and citrus flavors as like a breath of fresh air.

Marijuana connoisseurs will pick up on a pleasing sweetness, adding depth and complexity to the already tantalizing flavor profile. The smoke isn’t completely overpowering, instead offering cannabis consumers a smooth, enjoyable toke that is clean and won’t overstay its welcome.

Nugs display familiar Sativa traits, with a pepper-like shape and loose leafs that appear almost fluffy. Delicate to the touch, these nugs have a nice dusting of crystal trichomes, which marijuana consumers would expect given the higher than average THC levels.


Medical Benefits of Jack Frost

This Sativa-dominant flower will definitely help some marijuana patients who’ve symptoms have left them feeling down.

  • Medical consumers often pick up Jack Frost for gastrointestinal concerns, such as nausea and lack of appetite
  • Jack Frost is also a popular pick for those with mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. Patients can expect the effects of this strain to last around three hours
  • This sharp citrus bud has fair pain-relieving potential for a Sativa. Again thanks to Indica heritage, Jack Frost may work well for moderate daytime pain relief