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Barcelona | 03.28.2022

Barcelona Cannabis Culture, Weed Clubs, Legal Status, & More

Your guide to all things cannabis in "New Amsterdam," a.k.a., Barcelona.

Whether you’re a local or jetting over for your next trip, it’s always beneficial to know the status of cannabis in Barcelona, especially if you’re a keen smoker yourself.

Below, we’ve listed a compact guide with everything you need to know about marijuana in Barcelona, discussing if it’s legal, the infamous cannabis clubs, and the city’s overall culture related to the plant we know and love.

Status Of Weed In Barcelona, Is It Legal?

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Surprisingly, weed is still illegal in Spain, including Barcelona. However, there are some loopholes that allow individuals to possess it and consume it on the grounds of private residences.

Marijuana is only decriminalized in Barcelona, so transportation, possession, and consumption of the plant in public aren’t really considered illegal, more so a civic fault that results in a fine of roughly €800.

Fines mostly occur if the individual is caught with more than two grams or if law enforcement catches them possessing and sharing cannabis with someone else, which could result in a drug dealer charge of up to 4 years behind bars.

Understanding Barcelona Weed Clubs: Prices, Memberships, & More

Because cannabis is decriminalized in Barcelona, cannabis shops and weed clubs have a legal loophole to operate, considering they are private properties and can only sell to those with memberships.

Members will have to pay a fee upfront in order to gain access to weed clubs, but because these clubs aren’t widely advertised, most will only accept new members if an existing member has referred them. And for tourists, some cannabis clubs only give out memberships to Spanish citizens.

However, tourists can get their hands on some green simply by representing themself as responsible cannabis user who is stopping in for a few days and would like to try some of Spain’s renowned weed. Make sure to keep some cash on you at all times, as clubs only operate on cash and usually charge €20 to €50 for a membership.

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