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City Guides | 05.19.2022

The Best Cannabis Consumption Lounges In West Hollywood

Visit all of these lounges and many more in weed-friendly West Hollywood.

Consumption lounges in West Hollywood are ready for business. 

As the pandemic slowed down, dispensaries quickly applied for licenses to move operations into on-site consumption

Now, consumption lounges are within spitting distance of each other in West Hollywood. 

With a few on Santa Monica Boulevard and others around the city, you will have to decide which one suits your fancy. 

Keep reading for more information on five of WeHo’s top consumption lounges. 

The Woods

Sitting on Santa Monica Boulevard, The Woods is actor Woody Harrelson’s new dispensary and consumption lounge. It opened last week with a ceremonial ribbon cutting.

Inside, guests are greeted with a lovely boutique meets cabin feel.

It’s a very zen space that runs dispensary operations inside and has a consumption lounge in the lush backyard garden with a koi pond. Harrelson hopes to make WeHo citizens “a little bit higher.”

Door Number Six

It doesn’t get classier than Door Number Six. This consumption lounge offers four different rooms with their own purposes. 

  • A spa
  • A café
  • A clinic
  • An educational center

It offers modern cannabis-based therapies along with non-cannabis wellness products. Guests have the option to choose if they prefer CBD or THC treatments but are guided by the friendly staff.

The Artist Tree

Photo by The Artist Tree

The Artist Tree was West Hollywood’s second consumption lounge.

It’s a pretty popular destination, and the company has four additional dispensaries around California. This particular location on Santa Monica Boulevard acts as an Artist Tree dispensary and on-site consumption lounge.

What’s interesting about The Artist Tree is how it acquired all licenses available in West Hollywood;

  • On-site consumption license
  • Non-smoking edibles lounge license
  • Delivery license
  • Adult-use retail license
  • Medical marijuana license


Photo by Budberry

Budberry is another leading consumption lounge in West Hollywood.

It’s more than just a lounge; Budberry features

  • An on-site dispensary with premium products
  • Easy delivery
  • A kitchen for culinary cannabis infusions

It’s an aesthetically pleasing space that extracts and infuses its products/dishes in the open-concept kitchen. 

Guests are free to use products in the lounge area, shop for more at the dispensary, and watch skilled chefs whip up some canna goodies. 

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