Field Trip | 12.28.2022

Herb Plated: Texas-Style Eats At Benny’s Barbecue In Toronto

You don't need to be in Texas to eat like a Texan.

Inflation got you down? Prices for just about anything in Toronto are wickedly high right now.

Those living on their own may have realized that paying for one dinner is often cheaper than buying groceries for one person, which likely won’t get eaten entirely.

One of my favorite things about summer in the city is the lingering barbecue smell from different backyards and restaurants. If you’re not willing to spend an arm and a leg at the grocery store for a scrumptious barbecue meal, Benny’s Barbecue has your back.

Here, you’re invited to eat like a Texan with Benny’s famous barbecue eats, everything from a pound of pulled pork to chopped brisket sandwiches.

Before you go, we suggest stopping at a local dispensary, which is practically in spitting distance from the next. My partner and I had a quick couple of hits of my Pax Era Life, packing a potent punch with Good Supply’s Banana Kush Pax Pod. After a few hits, we were ready for the grill.

Order #1

Benny’s Barbecue cuts right to the chase. It doesn’t beat around the bushes with fancy appetizers and shareable plates. You order your meal, any sides you want, and have it all to yourself.

Of course, I wanted to try a few different options, so I made sure to have a few bites of my partner’s dish. I ordered the famous Pulled Pork Sandwich, and let me tell you, Benny’s does Texas-style pulled pork best.

I’ve never experienced such melt-in-your-mouth and flavorful pork before. It practically dissolved. That, along with the side dish of a 1/2 pint of Mac & Cheese, was everything my munchies were craving.

Order #2

When you think of a kickass Texas barbecue meal, what comes to mind? A rack of BBQ sauce-drenched baby back ribs. My partner is a fiend for BBQ sauce, so he ordered some on the side too.

Each dense rib fell off the bone with ease, and the rich BBQ Rib Sauce had a zingy kick for a truly unique experience on my palate. I also had a few bites of his 1/2 pint of coleslaw, which I don’t normally like, but this particular slaw was quite refreshing.

Final Thoughts

Photo by Scott Webb

Would I have enjoyed my time at Benny’s Barbecue if it weren’t for the hits of my Pax Era vape? For sure. But, I’ll admit, it definitely enhanced the experience.

It’s worth noting that the staff works incredibly fast; we were able to sit down, order, and eat in under an hour. Also, no reservations are required; it’s a first come, first serve basis. I highly recommend it if you’re craving a solid barbecue spot after your next sesh in the 6ix.

For more information about Benny’s Barbecue, visit its website at

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