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18 Best Hemp Clothing Brands: Eco-Friendly & Fashionable

Sustainable fashion is the way to go! Discover the top hemp clothing brands of the moment and their best eco-friendly best-sellers.

Investing in hemp clothing goes beyond style: it is a commitment to sustainable fashion. 

Hemp offers a multitude of advantages that make it a superior choice to conventional fabrics. As we delve deeper into its advantages, you’ll discover why hemp clothing is not only a fashion choice, but also an environmentally friendly choice.

Fashion can be both a personal expression and a collective commitment to a greener, more conscious future. Join the movement where every stitch tells a story of sustainability, and every choice we make in our closet helps the planet we want to preserve.

Best Hemp Clothing Brands You'll Love

From hemp’s durability and versatility to cutting-edge designs and production ethics, these brands offer a unique experience combining style and environmental commitment.

Explore the elegance woven into every thread and discover why these brands are loved by those seeking a closet that not only excels in fashion but also in responsibility to our planet.

Hemp Clothing: Benefits

Investing in hemp clothing represents a wise and conscious decision that transcends the ephemeral trends of the fashion world.

Beyond the charm of its timeless style, hemp clothing represents a sustainable investment with multiple advantages. The inherent durability of hemp fibers ensures that each garment becomes a long-lasting wardrobe addition, resisting wear and tear and reducing the frequency of replacements.

Hemp clothes are an excellent investment in sustainable fashion, offering a bunch of benefits that set them apart from conventional fabrics.

  • Durability: Hemp clothing is exceptionally durable, ensuring longevity and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

  • Breathability: The natural breathability of hemp fibers allows for optimal air circulation, offering a level of comfort that extends beyond mere aesthetics. Say goodbye to the discomfort associated with synthetic fabrics, as hemp lets your skin breathe and stay cool, making it an ideal choice for every season.

  • Eco-friendly: Hemp’s journey from seed to wardrobe is marked by its low environmental impact. With minimal water requirements and the ability to thrive without the need for pesticides, hemp cultivation emerges as a sustainable alternative to traditional fabric production methods.

  • Chemical-free: The production of hemp clothing involves fewer chemicals than traditional fabrics, contributing to a cleaner environment.

  • Odor-resistant: Bid farewell to concerns about lingering odors. Hemp clothing possesses natural odor-resistant properties, ensuring that your garments remain fresh and enjoyable even after extended wear.

  • Soft on the skin: Contrary to the misconception that durability compromises comfort, hemp clothing is a gentle caress on the skin.

Best Hemp Clothing Brands in 2024

In 2024, the fashion scene is evolving, with hemp clothing taking center stage. Let’s explore the top hemp clothing brands that not only prioritize sustainability but also offer a diverse range of eco-friendly, stylish options.

Whether you’re a seasoned advocate for sustainable fashion or a newcomer, these brands are sure to captivate your wardrobe.


Photo courtesy of VALANI Sustainable Fashion

Valani stands out with its commitment to sustainable fashion. Their best-selling hemp products showcase a perfect blend of style and eco-friendliness.

From chic everyday wear to statement pieces, Valani’s variety appeals to conscious consumers. The brand’s ethical production practices add an extra layer of appeal, making Valani a top choice in 2024.

With Valani, femininity is effortlessly intertwined with an infinite romantic spirit as the sanctuary for those seeking hemp garments that resonate with the goddess within.

Valani’s hemp pieces are embodiments of style, each with a distinct personality waiting to be embraced.

Most of its hemp styles, designed for sizes US 0-12, are delicately blended with TENCEL™, ensuring an extra soft feel that whispers comfort.


Photo courtesy of Rawganique Organic Clothing

Rawganique excels in providing unique, eco-friendly hemp clothing.

Discover a paradise where sustainability meets style, Rawganique takes you on a journey to their off-the-grid farm, the birthplace of all things organic hemp.

A pioneer among renowned organic hemp clothing brands, Rawganique embraces the versatile, resilient, and sustainable nature of hemp, making it the fabric of choice for everything from shower curtains and rugs to slippers and sandals. Affordably priced, Rawganique offers a unisex collection that goes far beyond conventional expectations.

Beyond fashion, Rawganique extends its offerings to various hemp-based lifestyle products, reinforcing a commitment to sustainability.

Rawganique prides itself on being chemical-free, organic, and ethical, with a dedication to providing consumers with genuinely sustainable choices.

Back Beat Co.

Photo courtesy of back beat co.

Back Beat Co. earns its spot among the best hemp clothing brands with a focus on sustainability and style.

Explore the world of hemp fashion with Back Beat Co, the brand that fuses laid-back California style, skate culture, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical responsibility.

Its hemp fashion collection ranges from T-shirts and tops to dresses and pants designed for relaxed, uncomplicated living.

Toad & Co.

Photo courtesy of Toad & Co.

Toad&Co. is a brand that seamlessly blends affordability, sustainability, and outdoor elegance. Positioned as a “toad-ally good” option for those looking for affordable hemp clothing, Toad&Co. stands out as a versatile and inclusive choice for both men and women.

In the hemp clothing arena, Toad&Co. emerges as a haven for the budget-conscious, offering affordable yet stylish hemp clothing. While many brands on this list target specific demographics, Toad&Co. breaks the mold by providing sustainable outerwear.

Explore their extensive collection, featuring men’s and women’s hemp pants, jumpsuits, hoodies, dresses, t-shirts, and lightweight jackets. Toad&Co. not only makes sustainability accessible but also ensures that outdoor elegance is for everyone.


Photo courtesy of Patagonia

Dive into the world of sustainable adventure with Patagonia, a brand that not only makes a bold statement in affordable hemp clothing but also stands as a beacon of ethical and sustainable practices.

Is hemp clothing expensive? Not at Patagonia. The brand has successfully created a line of affordable hemp clothing for men and women, ranging from durable workwear to casual and sporty outdoor wear.

Explore a collection that includes hemp T-shirts, shorts, overalls, socks, pants, pants, hats, tanks, and jackets, each designed to withstand the rigors of everyday life while embracing the spirit of adventure.


Photo courtesy of Tentree

Explore the fusion of nature, sustainability, and affordable fashion with Tentree, a hemp and Certified B Corp clothing brand that prides itself on creating primarily natural loungewear and sportswear.

Its focus is on creating primarily natural loungewear and sportswear, offering a variety of eco-friendly garments, such as outerwear coats, t-shirts, tops, hats, shorts, and pants, for both men and women.

Tentree’s natural hemp clothing is durable, breathable, and free of herbicides and pesticides. It is often blended with other sustainable materials, including GOTS-certified organic cotton, recycled polyester, and TENCEL™ lyocell fabric.


Photo courtesy of Thought

Thought is a British brand that is part of a select group of hemp clothing brands that eco-warriors in the UK can appreciate. Thought offers not only fashion but also a deep reflection on the impact of our closets, standing out with its collection of hemp clothing for women and men that includes dresses, tops, pants, jumpsuits, and skirts.

Thought offers 100% hemp clothing but also combines hemp with organic cotton and other sustainable materials. Many of its materials have GOTS, ECO-CERT, FSC, OEKO-TEX, GRS, and Fairtrade certifications.

Eileen Fisher

Photo courtesy of EILEEN FISHER

Fusion of style, sustainability, and comfort with Eileen Fisher, a brand that stands out as one of the best in hemp clothing for women.

Eileen Fisher stands out for its collection of hemp pants, jackets, and tops that effortlessly fuse the comfort of loungewear with the elegance of professional wear. Eileen Fisher’s hemp line features versatile pieces.

Eileen Fisher’s hemp line is composed primarily of organic cotton, blended with 32% hemp and 2% spandex for added stretch.

Wama Underwear

Photo courtesy of WAMA Underwear

In the world of intimate apparel, Wama Underwear steals the show as the pioneer of hemp underwear.

When it comes to the clothing we put directly on our skin, awareness takes on special importance, especially in that initial layer that covers our most private parts. Wama Underwear recognizes the relevance of this connection and stands as the ideal choice for those seeking the best for their most vulnerable parts.

Wama Underwear has won hearts by being the pioneer in the creation of hemp underwear. Hemp proves to be the perfect material for underwear as it is durable, soft, antibacterial, breathable, and even offers sun protection.


Photo courtesy of LANIUS

Reviving the essence of the nineties, LANIUS had a clear goal: to combine sustainable materials with sophisticated design to create beautiful hemp garments that one could feel good in. More than 20 years later, they have kept their commitment, offering “fashion that takes into account people, animals, and the environment.”

LANIUS’ hemp selection includes women’s dresses, skirts, pants, jumpsuits, jackets, and tops.

LANIUS uses hemp in various fabric blends, including hemp/TENCEL™ and hemp/organic cotton.

Vege Threads

Photo courtesy of Vege Threads

Vege Threads, an Australian fashion brand, is an example of ethical creation, making basic garments from a blend of hemp and organic cotton. Their commitment to sustainability extends to the treatment of their garments, where they use low-impact, non-toxic dyes. Their inclusive garments are available in a wide range of sizes, with relaxed cuts that effortlessly combine comfort and style.

Vege Threads is proud to offer a wide range of colorful hemp shorts, perfectly complemented with matching t-shirts, tops, t-shirt dresses, and wide-leg pants. This ensures a versatile wardrobe where each garment blends seamlessly with another, offering endless possibilities for effortlessly stylish ensembles.

Aliya Wanek

Photo courtesy of Aliya Wanek

Aliya Wanek redefines fashion with a commitment to ample sizing and sustainable materials. Specializing in styles crafted from hemp and organic cotton blends, the brand seamlessly blends comfort and style. The collection, with relaxed and refined designs, is a testament to the brand’s mastery of clean lines and streamlined silhouettes.

Aliya Wanek stands out not only for its avant-garde approach to fashion but also for its dedication to inclusivity. By offering plus-size styles, the brand ensures that everyone can enjoy the elegance and comfort of each garment.

The brand’s signature lies in its relaxed styles, which capture the essence of minimalist perfection. Clean lines and streamlined silhouettes create a versatile collection that effortlessly transitions from casual elegance to sophisticated simplicity.


Photo courtesy of Afends

Afends, one of the coolest hemp clothing brands, fuses style, colors, and prints in garments for men, women, and unisex. With an unmistakable Y2K style, their collection goes beyond the ordinary, with super modern cuts and designs.

What sets them apart? Afends does not limit itself to clothing, but goes a step further with hemp and corduroy jeans, adding a touch of exclusivity to each garment.

Based in Australia, Afends is not just a clothing brand; it’s a lifestyle. The co-founders share a huge passion for hemp, going so far as to acquire 100 acres of farmland called Sleepy Hollow.


Photo courtesy of Terra

Terra, a women-led Australian fashion label, stands out with a wide range of stylish looks dipped in an earthy color palette, crafted from 100% hemp fiber.

Dyed with a blend of natural dyes and eco-enzymes, these garments feature thoughtful details like biodegradable coconut buttons and hand-drawn prints.

From light and flirty dresses to adorable and covetable tops, at Terra, you might have a hard time deciding on just one item of hemp clothing. All of their pieces are created to combat waste, and the brand accepts their used garments from local customers to recycle and keep them in circulation.

Opera Campi

Photo courtesy of Opera Campi

Channel some La Dolce Vita vibes with the help of Opera Campi’s fine Italian hemp pieces. With woven hemp styles that have been blended with the most exquisite cashmere among a variety of other hemp performance materials, all of their pieces are made to order.

The brand was born out of a passion for hemp and the exploration of its various compositions and blends through innovative yarn-twisting technology. Some of their pieces even include undyed hemp styles that have not been treated with chemicals of any kind.

Hemp & Hope

Photo courtesy of Hemp & Hope

Hemp & Hope, a UK-based, women-led slow fashion label, creates elegant hemp clothing that can be worn casually or formally, with styles that integrate seamlessly into your existing closet.

All of their lovely garments are made from hemp grown, harvested, and spun in Himalayan villages, then transported to cities in Nepal where they are cut and sewn by workers who are paid fair wages. The hemp garments even feature biodegradable coconut buttons.

Hemp & Hope prides itself on offering sustainable elegance with an ethical supply chain. From cultivation in Himalayan villages to cutting and sewing in Nepalese cities, every step reflects a commitment to quality and respect for workers.

Weekend Max Mara

Photo courtesy of Weekend Max Mara

Weekend Max Mara, the renowned Italian high fashion line, has incorporated some hemp garments into its collection, bringing a sustainable touch to its offer. Although not all of their garments are made with hemp, they have introduced specific pieces with this material, such as blouses and skirts for women.

While not all of Weekend Max Mara’s creations are made with hemp, the inclusion of pieces with this material demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and the adoption of more eco-friendly materials in high-end fashion.

Stella McCartney

Photo courtesy of Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney has gained recognition for her use of innovative and environmentally friendly materials, including hemp.

As an internationally renowned designer, Stella McCartney has been a pioneer in integrating sustainable practices into high fashion. Her innovative approach is reflected in her use of eco-friendly materials, including hemp, to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

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