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3 Products From PAX You Must Try At Least Once

Get one for yourself, or use your friend's: these are the best PAX products every cannabis user should experience.

There are only a few brands whose products you must try at least once. Whether it’s a celebrity-backed brand or a newcomer, these companies are truly making a difference in the evolving cannabis industry.

For over a decade, PAX has been creating innovative devices that change cannabis consumption for the better. The brand’s vaporizers have introduced consumers to better, cleaner ways to consume their favorite flower and concentrates. But that’s not all.

PAX has also introduced consumable products like pods and infused flower pucks, which we’ll touch on below. Until then, read on to learn more about the industry’s leading vaporizer brand and 3 products from PAX you must try at least once.

Behind The Brand

PAX is leading the cannabis vaping sector with cutting-edge devices, unlike anything the industry has seen. Established in 2007, PAX has been on its mission of crafting responsible, enjoyable, and personalized cannabis experiences through state-of-the-art vaporizers with impressive software and hardware.

The team behind the brand aims to change people’s lives by bringing out the best in their flower and concentrates. They understand the benefits of cannabis but want to help the world consume it better. The brand’s motto, “heat, never burn,” speaks to their game-changing devices that heat your flower or concentrate, producing the cleanest and most flavorful vapor without combustion.

Their devices have taken the weed world by storm, and they’re among some of the highest-rated products our industry has ever seen. Below, we’ve included our current favorite products from PAX, which, impressively, aren’t all vaping devices. Read on to learn more.

PAX Mini

If you’re looking to experiment with PAX’s renowned dry herb vaporizers, the PAX Mini is an excellent start. It’s the smallest device the brand has ever made, and it still packs a punch.

Pocket-sized, portable, and powerful, the PAX Mini features everything we love about the brand’s dry herb vaporizers in a small, discreet, and compact form. It has a simple one-button function with no settings to toggle through, making it incredibly user-friendly. Plus, it heats up in 22 seconds and has 2+ hours of continuous battery life.

The PAX Mini also features a new oven design ideal for solo sessions, not to mention the new 3D oven screen that easily pops out of the device so you can get a deeper clean. It comes with flat and raised mouthpieces, an oven lid, a maintenance kit for cleaning, and a charging cable. Consider this vaporizer your new portable go-to.

PAX Plus

Looking to level up from the PAX Mini? Meet the PAX Plus, the brand’s new flagship device that was designed for both flower and concentrates.

It’s the ultimate dual-use vaporizer that’s praised for its smooth sessions while heating, never burning your flower or concentrate. The included oven lids let you adjust the size of the bowl depending on your needs, and it comes with 4 built-in experience modes:

  • Stealth
  • Efficiency
  • Flavor
  • Boost

If you prefer to control your sessions by choosing your preferred temperature, this dual-use vaporizer is for you. Like the PAX Mini, the Plus also has a 3D oven screen that’s easier to remove for deep cleaning.

This unique device also has a redesigned multi-tool and included brush to ensure you have the means to keep the PAX Plus spick and span. With 2+ hours of battery life and a 10-year warranty, choosing this device is a no-brainer.

PAX Infused Flower With Solventless Hash

PAX doesn’t just offer vaporizers but also PAX Pods for their concentrate devices and the new fan-favorite, the Infused Flower With Solventless Hash.

Available in all sorts of strains and potencies, from OG Kush to Blue Dream, these flower pucks contain freshly ground local flower infused with full-melt water hash. From there, it’s pressed into a puck to nestle perfectly into your PAX device. Don’t have a PAX but want to try? No problem. These potent pucks are perfect for pipes, bongs, and joints too.

They bring you the best of both worlds: the purity of whole flower and the potency of solventless hash. Choose your favorite strain, and experience flower in a whole new way.

For more products and information about PAX, visit their website at

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