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The Best Black Friday Weed Deals of 2020

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself or your loved ones with high-quality weed and weed accessories and save some money in the process. Here are the deals you should check out.

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With Black Friday coming up this week and the holiday’s just around the corner it can prove a real hassle to get your hands on the right presents. Especially in an industry that has had such an incredible growth spurt like cannabis. Where brands are constantly coming in and out of the industry, and the ones that stay around are regularly innovating and launching new products.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand how combining all of this it can be quite confusing to know what brands to choose and where to find the best deals. That’s why we’ve decided to get rid of that concern for you and give you access to a list of reliable brands with diverse portfolios and the best deals on the market for Black Friday 2020.

Best Black Friday Weed Deals

After some extensive market research, we came up with this selection of the best Black Friday weed deals of this year. There’s deals on devices, weed delivery, CBD products, and much more.


The Brand: This Canadian vape manufacturer has made a name for itself in the industry by offering premium dry herb vaporizers that raise the standards of quality, design, and performance. Arizer has been creating high-end vaporizers for over a decade, experience that is reflected in the superiority of their products. Today, they offer a complete selection of portable and desktop vaporizers to fit the needs of any vaping enthusiast.

The Deal: Arizer’s hottest product is the Extreme Q. Known as “The Original Hybrid Desktop Vaporizer”, this device features true convection heating and precision temperature control tech that allows it to maximize your herb’s potential by fully activating its natural terpenes, producing the tastiest vapor possible. Its hybrid functionality lets you vape by filling balloons or drawing directly from it using the whip system. Besides, the Extreme Q comes with a remote control that lets you easily customize your smoke sessions. Get the Extreme Q and enjoy a premium, versatile, and convenient device that guarantees the safest and tastiest vapor possible, backed by the expertise of one of the leading vaporizer manufacturers in the industry.


Grassdoor: 30% Discount On Weed Delivery

The Brand: Grassdoor is known as the ‘Amazon of Cannabis’ because of their highly efficient and reliable level service and superior offerings. They offer two separate menus: ASAP and Scheduled. Scheduled is a full menu of 300+ products from top brands that can be delivered at your convenience either same or next day; where ASAP is a slightly more limited menu offering products that can be delivered to you in under one hour. Grassdoor is SoCal’s largest cannabis delivery company, now serving 80+ cities. Pre-rolls, pods, resin cartridges, concentrates, edibles, batteries, and pretty much any other accessory you can think of, you’ll find on Grassdoor. 

The Deal: Grassdoor is hosting a storewide 30% off sale from Wednesday 11/25 to Saturday 11/28, with deeper individual product discounts daily. On Sunday 11/29 and Monday 11/30 you can save $15 off orders over $60, $30 off orders over $100, and $70 off orders over $200. Head to Grassdoor.com before it’s too late!


Cannabox: Up To 30% Off

The Brand: Cannabox is a smokers dream come true. An affordable monthly subscription that lets you discover new smoking products, custom gear, and fun themed glassware. Every item in your Cannabox is carefully hand-picked or crafted by an expert whose sole purpose is to surprise you and solve your every smoking need. Cannabox also makes a great gift. Imagine being a newbie smoker and being given a way to learn the ins and outs of the game with a monthly themed and curated package of unique accessories and custom gear built just for you. 

The Deal:  Cannabox is offering a 25% discount on all glass products this Saturday, another 25% on all vaporizers on Sunday, an equally impressive 25% off on smoking accessories for Cyber Monday, and 30% on monthly memberships if you’re prepared to make the commitment. Make sure to dive in and explore which of these amazing deals ticks all your boxes because you’re sure to find something that caters to your every need in a fun unique way with Cannabox.


HØJ: Up To 25% Off Premium Smoking Gear

The Brand: At a glance HØJ is a real example of nordic design’s fashionable simplicity. But the brand exists to change the way you experience herb. They do so by combining beautifully crafted products with functionality beyond belief. When you purchase a HØJ smoking accessory you’re not only adding to your smoking kit, you’re elevating your experience through quality products made with care & respect for the environment.

The Deal: HØJ is offering a 25% discount on the KLIP Mini and 15% on the KLIP. A neat and stylish looking grinder that doesn’t just break down your weed into consumable bits, but does so by preserving the integrity of the trichome you sought after, allowing you to get 200-300% more out of the same bud compared to a traditional grinder. HØJ is also offering 20% off on the KØL Mini and 15% on the KØL, a chic-looking pipe that cools down the smoke before it reaches your lips, resulting in a smooth and effortless smoking experience. The KØL is not built like just any weed pipe, it’s magnetic design offers a hassle-free cleaning experience. Purchased together, both items are the base blocks for a more potent, uncomplicated, luxury high-end smoking sesh.


EpicOrganic: 30% Off On THC Detox Kits

The Brand: This Florida-based health and wellness company offers solutions to your problems while taking you on a journey of new, healthier practices. EpicOrganic’s THC detox products not only help you to get rid of unwanted toxins from your body, accelerate natural detox up to 200%, but they also are designed to promote optimal digestive health and overall better body performance. Their products are 100% safe, vegan, and made from clinical grade ingredients.

The Deal:  This Black Friday, EpicOrganic is offering a 30% off deal on a bundle containing 2 THC Detox Bottles and 3 Multi-Drug Test Cups. These products are designed to deliver a powerful all-natural THC detox, ideal for driving tests or college enrollments. Use the code HERB at checkout to save on epic-organic.com


Ardent: Free Edible Kits, 50% Off Accessories, And New Bundles

The Brand: Making your own cannabis edibles, THC/CBD tinctures, vape juice, topicals, capsules or other elevated products shouldn’t be difficult. Thanks to Ardent, it’s never been easier, saving you a ton of money (and guesswork). Ardent offers a full set of easy-to-use precision decarbing and infusing machines that do everything for you, accurately, and odor-free. The dope accessories and cooking/baking kits (cloud cakes, olive oil, coconut oil, chocolate shell, and pies) make it even easier! Choose from the patented Nova Decarboxylator and Infuser device or the all-in-one FX “easy bake” kitchen that decarbs, infuses, and even bakes for you at the press of a button. No baking or cooking experience required. And yes, you can use flower, kief, or concentrates!

The Deal:  This is Ardent’s biggest sale ever! FREE edibles kits, 50% off accessories and brand new product bundles perfect for any cannabis lover will save you hundreds – there’s no better gift for yourself or someone you love!


Stündenglass: Free Accesories With Every Purchase

The Brand: The Stündenglass brings forward-thinking functionality, precision craftsmanship, and a transformative smoking mechanism into a premium, sophisticated, and elegantly designed gravity bong. It features a first of its kind water-powered contactless smoking functionality. Using kinetic motion, 360-degree rotation, and water displacement between its two chambers, in addition to its inner filtration systems, the Stündenglass effortlessly creates the most potent yet smooth hits possible.

The Deal:  Stündenglass is offering a free small globe kit or a wall mount with the purchase of a Stündenglass. Get the small globe kit if you want more moderate pulls with the trademark quality that Stündenglass offers. Or go with the wall mount to add an extra level of safety to your device. Whichever you choose, you’ll increment the usability, convenience, and durability of your Stündenglass and save up to $99.95 in the process.


Moose Labs: 25% Off The MouthPiece Mini

The Brand: Times have changed and 2020 has been a year that placed our attention on our lungs health. Moose Labs has understood this for a while now and has dedicated to creating innovative and highly fashionable products that aim to reduce the harm in smoking and keep the ‘puff puff pass’ culture alive. Moose Labs has designed the perfect toker’s accessories for those who wish to keep a safe distance between them and the tip of their joint without affecting the airflow necessary for a great hit but reducing the harshness of a deep toke. 

The Deal:  Moose Labs is offering a 25% discount on the MouthPeace Mini. A device that uses a triple-layer activated carbon filter that allows your cannabinoids to pass through unharmed and keeps out unwanted components like resin and tar. The MouthPeace Mini comes in a variety of colors, from a flashy unicorn blue to the more discreet charcoal grey. Its double end design enables you to use it on joints, blunts, and vaporizers. For a price tag of $9.99 you will get a Mini Kit with 2 MouthPeace Minis, 6 Mini filters, and a carrying tube that keeps your accessory clean and safe. Use the code BF25 at checkout to save at mooselabs.us


Autumn Brands: Fairly Priced, Premium Cannabis

The Brand: Autumn Brands is a 50% women-owned cannabis cultivator dedicated to the synergy of health and wellness. Located in coastal Santa Barbara County, Autumn Brands is committed to cultivating the highest quality, pesticide-free, sun-grown indoor cannabis flower. The Autumn Brands’ family farm started in Holland more than a century ago. Today, the sixth-generation farmers apply the same techniques used to grow the world’s finest tulips to produce pure and potent strains of cannabis.

The Deal:  More than a deal, Autumn Brands offers the possibility to stand for something. Being 50% woman owned, they seek equality, diversity, and affordable prices in the cannabis space. Go with their products if you have the same beliefs and want to have premium, fairly priced, pure cannabis.


G Pen: 45% Off The G Pen Roam

The Brand: G Pen is one of those brands that give us a glimpse of what the future may hold in the cannabis industry. By hiring bright minds G Pen is able to engineer the most advanced and user friendly vaporizers in the market today. A statement proven by the fact that G Pen was the first to market a tank system specifically designed for essential fluids and personal aromatherapy regimens. To that you may also add an incredible product line-up designed to meet every need and any  level of consumer from beginner to experienced.  

The Deal:  This Black Friday, you can get the G Pen Roam with a 40% discount, dropping its price to $149.95. That’s the lowest price tag ever in one of G Pen’s latest and most modern devices. And there’s more; use the code HERB at checkout for a 5% discount on any purchase!


Stache Products: Free US Shipping

The Brand: Stache Products is a Maryland-based brand that came to exist as a revolutionary alternative to the current vaporizer industry. The team at Stache Products is a dedicated group of vaping enthusiasts who share one belief: that the vaporizer market is filled with disappointing devices. Together, they made it their mission to create a product that operates to the best of its abilities. And after multiple designs and testing, they did. They created a revolutionary device destined to change the vaping game: the RiO.

The Deal:  Stache Products is offering free US shipping on the revolutionary RiO using the code HERB. RiO truly offers a real dabbing experience. What makes this device unique is that it does not need any battery or atomizer to heat up, only a torch. The RiO dabbing kit includes a glass bubbler with showerhead perc, a carb cap, quartz banger, dab tool, and torch, all within a resistant zippered carrying case that makes it perfect for on-the-go use. This device combines functionality with convenience at an affordable price, designed to be enjoyed by newbies and long-time dabbers alike.


Best Black Friday CBD Deals

CBDfx: 35% Sitewide Sale + Free Shipping On Orders Over $35

The Brand: With a dedication to creating the finest CBD products on the market, CBDfx continues to grow by providing the best products possible from the highest-quality ingredients and the best prices. They have just released new higher potency CBD gummies. Their hugely popular gummies now come with an added 25 mg of premium broad-spectrum CBD per gummy for a whopping 50 mg per serving! CBDfx gummies are 100% vegan, gelatin-free, and contain no artificial colors or sweeteners. Find them in seven flavors and six unique formulations.

The Deal: CBDfx’s Black Friday sale starts at 3pm PST on Wednesday 11/25 and runs until midnight on Saturday the 11/28. Everyone can enjoy 35% off sitewide savings, everything from gummies to capsules and topicals to vapes, with coupon code FOMO35 at checkout. Additionally, all orders over $35 get free shipping.


Five CBD: Buy One Get One

The Brand: Five CBD is setting a new standard in the CBD industry by offering true full-spectrum CBD products. While other brands work to isolate CBD, they potentialize it by preserving the plant’s entire naturally occurring components. Their name comes from their commitment to the fundamental parts of the hemp flower; that’s why their products feature a unique 5:1 ratio of CBD to other minor hemp compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, and minor cannabinoids. They all work together to deliver the perfect, balanced high.

The Deal:  For this Black Friday, Five CBD is offering a Buy One Get One Holiday Deal. For a limited time, buy one product and get another one completely FREE using the code HERBOGO!


CBDistillery: 40% Off Everything + Money Back Guarantee

The Brand: CBDistillery was created with one firm belief: that consumers have a right to high-quality, fairly priced, transparent, US grown, hemp-derived CBD products. More than a company, CBDistillery is a movement created by people who love and enjoy the many benefits of CBD and want to share them with everyone through superior quality, trust, and affordable products. They are among the very few brands that offer a complete selection of isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum cruelty-free, rigorously third-party lab tested CBD, CBN, and CBG products. 

The Deal:  This Black Friday, CBDistillery is offering a 40% discount sitewide until November 30 with no minimum purchase required and a 60-day money back guarantee. Besides, you’ll get free shipping on any orders above $75. Use the code BF2020 at checkout to enjoy these benefits.


Extract Labs: 40% Storewide Discount, Free Merch, And More

The Brand: Based out of Boulder, Colorado, this veteran-owned company offers a holistic approach to cannabis use. They have an extensive portfolio that does not fall short in terms of variety, including products rich in CBD, CBN, CBT, CBC, and delta 8 THC. Every single Extract Labs product is made in-house, from extraction to the moment it ships. They are all made from Colorado sourced hemp and extracted with a CO2 method in a state of the art, Kosher and cGMP certified facility.

The Deal: For this Black Friday, Extract Labs has truly committed by offering an incredible 40% storewide discount, a free Extract Labs beanie on orders over $100, and a few other surprises in an event that will start at 6pm on Thursday, November 26th and will last until 11.59pm on Monday, November 30th. This of course until supplies last, so we suggest you don’t think about it too long and run the risk of being last to the dance.


Orion CBD: 40% Sitewide Discount

The Brand: Located in Sierra vista, Arizona, Orion CBD is founded on the principle of providing only the purest CBD. They do this by sourcing only organically US grown CBD hemp extract and third-party lab testing every single batch on the highest quality and safety standards. Orion CBD provides everything from drops, gummies, and topicals. For plant-based consumers, Orion also has a vegan line. But that’s hardly what makes Orion CBD stand out from the crowd; from the proceeds of each sale Orion CBD pays it forward and buys a meal for a person in need.

The Deal: While they still have a particularly ample product selection to choose from, this Black Friday Sale you’ll be able to access a 40% sitewide discount at Orion CBD.


Hemp Bombs: 35% Discount + Free Shipping

The Brand: Hemp Bombs was founded in 2016 with a single objective; spreading natural wellness worldwide with premium hemp-derived products. They are now holders of a broad variety of CBD products that includes edibles, oils, topicals, and even pet products. Hemp Bombs facilities guarantee FDA/cGMP compliance throughout the entire process. In a year of turmoil Hemp Bomb is committed to make their customer’s lives easier by offering subscription services and a rewards points system that allows you to access CBD at unbelievably affordable prices.

The Deal: This Black Friday, you can get any product from Hemp Bombs with a 35% discount. Additionally, using the code SHIPFREE35, you’ll get free shipping on your order.


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November 23, 2020 — Last Updated April 08, 2021
Written by Herb
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November 23, 2020 — Last Updated April 08, 2021
Written by Herb

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