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The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Weed Deals Of 2021

Restock, gear up and save money. Here are the promos you can't miss this weekend.

Photo by iQoncept / Adobe Stock Photo

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With Black Friday coming up this week and the holiday’s just around the corner it can prove a real hassle to get your hands on the right presents. Especially in an industry that has had such an incredible growth spurt like cannabis.

That’s why we’ve decided to get rid of that concern for you and give you access to a list of reliable brands with diverse portfolios and the best deals on the market for Black Friday 2021.

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35% Off Delta 8 Sweets From Eighty Six

Photo courtesy of Eighty Six

The Brand

At Eighty Six they prioritize bringing you flawless, lab-tested quality and transparency before anything else.

They have a range of Delta 8-infused edibles and vape cartridges with unique delicious flavors that set them apart from anything else you’ll find on the market; from chewy gummies and crisp chocolate to perfectly designed vape carts and disposables.

The Deal

Get the Eighty Six experience at a 35% disount and bundle up to save some money!

You can now get a nibble of each of your favorite edibles with a bundle that includes a solid spread of Eighty Six’s Sour Belts, Peach Rings, Chamoy Gummies, and their delicious Sweet Melon Bite Gummies.

Not to mention, two different D8-infused chocolate bars that will make your mouth water in an instant.

Shop Eighty Six

BOGO On Cornbread Hemp's Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies

Photo courtesy of Cornbread Hemp

The Brand

USDA organic CBD products with the most THC allowed by federal law, need we say more?

Cornbread Hemp products are made using their trademark Flower-Only™ Hemp Extract, exclusively sourced from Kentucky-grown hemp.

Cornbread offers a wide range of products, including full-spectrum CBD gummies, oil, topicals, capsules, and even something for your pets.

The Deal

Buy one of Cornbread Hemp’s new 50:2 CBD Gummies and then get one free using the code HERB at checkout!

All of Cornbread Hemp’s products are USD certified organic, vegan, and gluten-free. And even though delicious, their gummies are NOT the exception, with 50 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC per piece.

25% Discount + Free Delivery On Cannabis Life

Photo courtesy of Cannabis Life

The Brand

Cannabis Life brings a new level of trust and caring to the world of Delta 8 THC. The Delta 8 industry is notorious for living in a grey area in terms of regulation.

Cannabis Life promises that your days worrying over pesticides, solvents, and other contaminants in your D8 products are over.

Their team of licensed pharmacists oversees all of their product development and manufacturing, and they also submit every batch to external lab tests for quality and purity.

The Deal

Get a 25% off using HERB25 and enjoy free delivery on all orders over $75.

Promo code applies for the Berry Blast Delta 8 THC Gummies; a delicious treat to share with friends that is the first milestone towards relaxation at the end of a long, exhausting week.

Made using only CBD extracted from US-farmed hemp.

25% Off Flower & More Deals On Lume

Photo courtesy of Lume

The Brand

Lume is all about experiencing the things you love to their fullest potential and chasing the good in the name of making it even better.

From thoughtfully designed stores to meticulously grown cannabis, Lume offers nothing but the best cannabis experience possible.

The Deal

Get 25% off on all Lume flower products and a bunch of other incredible discounts on carts, pre-rolls, and extracts.

More specifically:

  • Purchase the 0.5 g cart 4-pack FOR ONLY $120.
  • Get the Jenny Kush flower 8th FOR ONLY $40.
  • Pre-rolls with a buy 4 get 2 FREE promo.
  • 15% discount on ALL extracts.
  • An additional FREE pre-roll with every purchase.
  • If you spend more than $150, you’ll get not 1 but 2 FREE pre-rolls.

20% Sitewide Discounts On Activ8

Photo courtesy of Activ8

The Brand

Activ8 makes hemp-derived Delta 8 products. Simply put, the Delta 8 cannabinoid is what you’re looking for if what you’re looking for is a perfect balance between CBD and the high of D9 THC.

Forget about feeling paranoid or anxious with Activ8 and get an enhanced feeling of cannabis like you’ve never felt before.

The Deal

Get a sitewide 20% discount with the promo code ACTIV8BF.

Double Cup It! Activ8 offers not one but two servings packed with high potency hemp-derived Delta 8 THC.

Each 4 oz bottle will keep your night rolling, either if you’re doing the thing alone or with some company.

40% Off Sitewide On Stiiizy

Photo courtesy of Stiiizy

The Brand

Stiiizy is an innovative, award-winning, California-based cannabis brand created in 2017 as one of the pioneers of the vaping industry.

Soon after, Stiiizy would come to revolutionize the portable cannabis vaping industry with the launch of its first unit. A completely different way of enjoying weed was born with Stiiizy.

The Deal

Get a 40% sitewide discount with the promo code BLACKFRIDAY2021.

For Cyber Monday, get a 30% sitewide discount using the promo code CYBERMONDAY2021.

40% Discount On Hitoki

Photo courtesy of Hitoki

The Brand

Motivated by ingenuity and passion, Hitoki is reinventing our conceptions of healthy herbal blend use and offers a premier luxury cannabis smoking experience through their cutting-edge laser device – the Trident.

This revolutionary product truly speaks to consumer sensibilities in technology, innovation, and wellness.

The Deal

Get a 40% discount on all Hitoki products this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Perhaps the biggest discount in all our Black Friday deals list. We know you know when a deal is TOO GOOD to pass on.

35% Off All Delta Extrax Products

Photo courtesy of Delta Extrax

The Brand

Delta Extrax is a brand dedicated to providing nothing but expertly formulated hemp-derived THC products. All are made using natural hemp extract.

From Delta 8 and Delta 10 to THC-O and HHC, you’ll find all the new cannabinoids on Delta Extrax. 

The Deal

Use the promo code WELCOME15 and get a 15% discount on your first purchase.

Get an additional 35% discount on all products (excluding bundles) using BFCM35 at checkout.

Deals Everywhere On Eaze

Photo courtesy of Eaze

The Brand

Eaze is a one-stop-shop for pretty much anything-weed. From pre-rolls and flower to vapes and edibles.

We’re talking about an online cannabis marketplace that provides safe and legal access to cannabis products from over 100 leading brands through efficient on-demand delivery to adults in multiple states.

The Deal

Eaze will be holding a double referral day and a 30% discount on multiple brands and categories for this year’s Black Friday special.

Buy 1 Get 2 Free Of Matriarch's Accessories

Photo courtesy of Matriarch

The Brand

A toke is no longer something you sneak in your attic to avoid the disdain of your neighbors. It’s something to celebrate; almost a sacrament.

And what’s a sacrament without the elaborate accouterments to elevate the ceremony?

Matriarch makes perfectly designed smoking accessories to exceptional glass rigs that transform any common sesh into a ritual the pope would envy.

The Deal

Buy one and get two free products using MATRIARCH2021 at checkout during Black Friday.

A once in a lifetime deal! Buy your favorite Matriarch product and receive an additional product of equal or lesser value free of charge plus a bonus Cherry Wooden 3-Hitter. 

The total retail value is $215 and you’re getting over 50% in savings!

25% Sitewide Discount On TOQi

Photo courtesy of TOQi

The Brand

TOQi is a Canadian brand based out of Toronto that works passionately to integrate Qi wireless charging tech into your everyday cannabis experiences.

More than a vape device, TOQI represents innovation in the cannabis space reflected on the award-winning designs of their vaping products.

The Deal

TOQi will be running a sitewide 25% discount from November 26th, 12:00 am to November 29th at 11:59 pm.

Just use BFCM25 at checkout and enjoy some of the best and most beautiful vape designs at an incredible, one-time a year price.

Deals Galore On Weedmaps

Photo courtesy of Weedmaps

The Brand

Weedmaps is a company founded in 2008 with the commitment to enable safe, legal access to cannabis to consumers on a worldwide scale.

They are now the hosts of one of the most comprehensive platforms in the cannabis industry.

The Deal

Weedmaps does not have a specific Weedmaps exclusive deal, but they make it onto this list because they give you the easiest access possible to hundreds of brands that do!

Just download the Weedmaps App and save money on weed!

The Best Weed Drinks From Keef

Photo courtesy of Keef

The Brand

Keef was born in 2010 as one of the original cannabis-infused beverage companies. Founded to bring high-quality products that create a more social cannabis experience to consumers and promote the normalization of cannabis consumption.

Keef has an exceptionally broad product selection; including original sodas and other more innovative flavors of enhanced waters.

25% Off Papa & Barkley CBD Releaf Sets

Photo courtesy of Papa & Barkley

The Brand

Papa & Barkley was born out of the love of a son for a father with immobilizing back pain and nowhere else to look for relief.

Papa & Barkley made its first steps onto the map with a cannabis-infused balm that allowed him to return home from a hospice. Soon, this turned into a brand that aims to share unconditional love and relief with the world.

The Deal

Get a 25% off on Papa & Barkley CBD Releaf Sets from November 23rd to November 29th.

And as if it weren’t enough, you can feel even better about your purchase knowing that Papa & Barkley will donate 10% of all Black Friday sales to the Last Prisoner Project. 

30% Discount On Botany Farms

Photo courtesy of Botany Farms

The Brand

Botany Farms has made it its mission to honor the pure nature of the cannabis plant, producing a carefully crafted product made by cannabis lovers for cannabis lovers.

You’ll find premium hemp-derived CBD, CBG, Delta 8, and Delta 9 flower, edibles, and vape cartridges on their site.

The Deal

Get a 25% off your entire purchase using BFSALE25 from November 26th to November 29th.

Up To 33% Off Pilgrim Soul's Journals

Photo courtesy of Pilgrim Soul

The Brand

Pilgrim Soul is the #1 best-selling journal for creative thinking. A specialty that the folks at Pilgrim Soul have wittily tied to smoking weed.

A journal meant to boost your creative writing skills and to be used only while you are high, whatever that might mean for you.

Each journal is filled with more than 50 creative thinking exercises that will provide hours of creative training, and of course, FUN.

Building productive habits has never been easier and more engaging than it is with Pilgrim Soul.

The Deal

Get a 33% discount on 3 journals or more using BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.

BOGO On Chill Steel Pipes

Photo courtesy of Chill Steel Pipes

The Brand

Chill Steel Pipes invented the world’s first double-wall vacuum insulated bong, engineered to keep your water ice cold for up to 12 hours.

It’s stainless steel and super durable, but also has a ceramic interior that hits and cleans like glass. Chill comes in a variety of cool colors and designs and they all come with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

The Deal

This Black Friday through Cyber Monday, you’ll get a buy one get one free deal on select pieces using HERBBOGO at checkout.

This code is good for any classic Stainless, Black, Blue, White, Rainbow Glitterbomb, or Pink Glitterbomb design.

Get this incredibly rugged yet beautiful water pipe for you and a friend at the equivalent of a 50% off.

Or better yet, get one for your place and that other place where you spend the rest of your nights.

Genius Pipes At Half The Price

Photo courtesy of Genius Pipe

The Brand

Picture the future of pipes, and not even that will come to the sleek, stylish designs that Genius makes. Devices made for on-the-go smoking with patented technology used in cooling nuclear reactors.

Genius Pipes provide a smooth filtered smoke that does not require water or a heavy bong.

The Deal

Genius Pipes is offering a 50% sitewide discount with the promo code BLACKFRI21

You now have the opportunity of a lifetime to get one of the best pipes in the world at half price.

25% Discount On Lunchbox Alchemy CBD Gummies

Photo courtesy of Lunchbox Alchemy CBD

The Brand

Lunchbox Alchemy CBD is an Oregon-native brand that makes some of the best organic, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum hemp gummies. Federally legal and incredibly reliable edibles that can be consumed by anyone.

The Deal

Lunchbox Alchemy CBD is offering a sitewide 25% discount this Black Friday. No discount code needed.

From Sleep to Relief, it’s all possible now at the highest of qualities for an incomparable price.

35% Sitewide Discount On Zig-Zag

Photo courtesy of Zig-Zag

The Brand

Zig-Zag probably doesn’t need an introduction if you’re into weed as much as we are. The iconic rolling paper brand was originally created to cater to tobacco smokers.

But then tokers got a hold of them for rolling joints and never let that grip loosen. They offer an incredibly wide selection of rolling papers of different sizes, thicknesses, and even materials.

Roll with Zig-Zag and always get a smooth and flavorful burn.

The Deal

This Black Friday, Zig-Zag is throwing a 35% discount on everything. From their rolling papers and rolling trays all the way to their apparel, everything’s got a discount.

No need to add a code, the discount is auto-applied at checkout.

20% Off HØJ's Smoking Accessories

Photo courtesy of HØJ

HØJ has infused devices as simple as weed grinders with groundbreaking design and legendary functionality. As you would expect from any nordic design. 

With HØJ you can expect products that last a lifetime and are specifically crafted to cater to the experience of the enthusiast cannabis consumer.

The Deal

Get a 20% discount on all HØJ’s high-end products. If you’re looking for a true quality grinder or pipe, then it’s about time you did – at a fraction of the cost.

HØJ forges unbelievably beautiful tools through unrelenting craftsmanship with designs inspired by nature that will allow your cannabis game to flip a switch.

Free Seeds, Up To €80 Off & More On Seedsman Seeds

Photo courtesy of Seedsman

The Brand

Seedsman is driven by the belief that each cannabis seed holds unimaginable potential.

By taking genetic diversity to the next level, they’ve set the bar really high for horticulture and the cannabis-growing community.

If you too believe in the Seedsman mission, then this is one deal worth checking out.

The Deal

This Black Friday, Seedsman is offering up to €80 in free seeds with your purchase. Besides, if you spend more than €150, you’ll get 12 free seeds.

And there’s more, spend more than €200 and get a 10% discount on your order!

If you were waiting for a sign to start growing, this is it. They ship worldwide so there’s really no excuse.

November 23, 2020 — Last Updated November 29, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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Weed, Delivered.

Get 20% off premium weed and discover the latest products, news, and deals in cannabis.
November 23, 2020 — Last Updated November 29, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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Weed, Delivered.

Get 20% off premium weed and discover the latest products, news, and deals in cannabis.

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