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The Best CBD Gummies For Anxiety, Stress, Sleep & More

Gummies are the preferred method for CBD consumption among old and young alike.

Gummies have taken up the lion’s share of CBD’s consumption.

As the simplest, easiest way to consume the cannabis product, it’s become ubiquitous with practically CBD in general. The preferred method amongst old and young alike, there are a lot of companies out there trying to compete for those dollars. 

Since CBD isn’t going anywhere, more and more entrepreneurs are trying to get creative with the quality and composition of their CBD gummies. And to help you decipher which ones might be best for you, we’ve decided to break down the best CBD gummies on the market today.

Check them out below:

Effects Of CBD Gummies

You know that CBD won’t get you lit, but in gummy form, will it make you feel out of whack in any way? Edibles are famous for their potency and unpredictable effects, but fortunately, when they’re infused with CBD, they’re a lot more gentle.

They take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to kick in and can last as long as eight hours, same as a regular edible, but with only a handful of potential adverse side effects.

From this non-intoxicating cannabinoid, you’re likely to experience relief and an uplifted mood. In too high of a dose, maybe drowsiness or an upset tummy.

The Best CBD Gummies Of 2021

Simply Crafted

Since they started off with the dream of crafting weed products in Minneapolis back in 2019, Simply Crafted has been consistently offering high-quality cannabis products to its eager customers. Their commitment to providing safe and effective Delta 8 THC and CBD products is making waves, and their commitment to challenging the stigma surrounding ganja impulses them further.

One look at their vast diversity in products is enough to excite any cannabis enthusiast. They offer many THC-free products, from 25mg Fruity CBG/CBD gummy bears to scare off insomnia and anxiety, to 300mg Invigorating Daytime Hemp Tincture for an extra boost and Blue Dream CBD Vape Cartridges to puff away at.

Lunchbox Alchemy

Photo courtesy of Lunchbox Alchemy CBD

If you’re on the market for CBD gummies, then you just found them. Lunchbox Alchemy CBD is an Oregon-based brand that specializes in creating premium effect-based gummies using only organic, all-natural ingredients.

Lunchbox Alchemy originally started as an all-natural THC company in Oregon that racked up cannabis awards left and right in a short period of time. They recently started their new line of top-notch CBD gummies that separate themselves from the bunch with their unique formulations and incredible value.

Their Sleep, Relief, and Daily gummies are made with full-spectrum extract, which means you get a balanced mix of all cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids found in hemp. They also have broad spectrum THC-free gummies for those who want to stay completely away from the psychoactive cannabinoid.

Each jar comes with 10 or 30 servings and either 25 mg and 50 mg of CBD per gummy. That’s a whopping total of either 250 mg or 1,500 mg of CBD per pack. These are treats that you can easily integrate into your daily activities without going bankrupt.

CBDistillery Full-Spectrum Gummies

Photo courtesy of CBDistillery

No one knows better how CBD can positively contribute to our health than the team at CBDistillery. That’s why they launched the most advanced, full-spectrum CBD product on the market – in gummy form. And we love it. These tasty treats are packed with 30 mg of CBD each, combined with natural terpenes, and a gentle dose of THC which adds a bit of fun.

The masterful combination of these components makes these treats one of the best gummies out there as they enhance the entourage effect and allow you to reap the full benefits of cannabis. Each jar comes with 30 lightly sugar-coated strawberry-flavored gummies. These treats and a great way to enjoy the power of quality full-spectrum CBD oil in a delicious way.

Use HERBIVORE at checkout and get a 15% discount on your purchase at CBDistillery!

Colorado Botanicals

These tasty and delicious CBD-infused vegan gummies from Colorado Botanicals are the perfect gift for anyone. They are easy to store, simple to take, and an ideal way to take advantage of all the health benefits that CBD has to offer. There’s no chemical aftertaste or chalky texture, just refreshing flavor and subtle CBD effects. You deserve to feel good and these gummies will help.

There are 30 gummies per bottle containing 10 mg or 25 mg broad spectrum CBD gummies. These pure CBD gummies contain no THC so you don’t have to worry about feeling any ‘high’ effects. CBD gummies are a great way to introduce your body to the amazing benefits of cannabidiol – a potent antioxidant that also reduces pain and anxiety. products are perfect for beginners and veterans alike, an advanced way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Choose between Orange or Strawberry flavors.

Verma Farms

Photo courtesy of Verma Farms.

Verma Farms has set the standard for what gummies should be like in CBD. Hosting an array of different flavor profiles and variations of candy, Verma Farms understands what CBD advocates are after, as well as how to deliver on a quality value each and every time.

Inspired by the islands of Hawaii, Verma Farms provides an all-natural, great-tasting gummy that anyone who’s interested in CBD can get down with. 

Sunday Scaries

Photo courtesy of Sunday Scaries.

Another exceptional choice, Sunday Scaries has been making waves with their CBD gummies. Although it’s only in a single pack, the investment into quality Sunday Scaries has is exceptional, providing superb value for the price.

Coming in at 20 gummies for 10 mg per piece, Sunday Scaries only cost $31 with their monthly subscription option, making these practically a steal. Plus, as a gummy enhanced with Vitamin B12 an D3, this is an excellent treat to include in your daily routine, regardless of what day of the week it might be.

Just Live

Just Live was founded by professional athletes Klay Thompson, Alex Morgan, Travis Pastrana and Paul Rodriguez so you know with those names attached, there has to be quality. They have truly perfected the CBD gummy.

They’re vegan, natural, delicious, low sugar, and pack in 25 mg of CBD & 3mg of CBG in every bite. Their line of CBD gummies includes 6 different benefits & flavors. Sleep, Focus, Calm, Energy, Immunity & Daily Vitamin C providing support to every aspect of your day. They even have their logo printed on the gummies!

Lord Jones

Photo courtesy of Lord Jones.

Considered a candy fit for royalty, Lord Jones provides a lineup of products that’s the closest thing to luxury you’re going to get in CBD. Focusing on ‘confections’ that primarily include their flagship gumdrops, Lord Jones is definitely designed to be more of an end-of-day experience or special treat rather than a day-to-day grab-and-go formula.

Including nine 20 mg gumdrops, each pack comes in flavors that compete with some of the finer craft candy (CBD excluded). All-in-all, Lord Jones is a good go-to if you’ve been looking for a brand that understands what it means to enjoy the finer things in life.

Charlotte’s Web

Photo courtesy of Charlotte’s Web.

Named after the infamous Charlotte Fiji story, Charlotte’s Web has one of the better understandings of how we use CBD products. Their gummies showcase this approach swimmingly, coming in a variety that includes Sleep, Recovery, and Calm, which are all available in bulk or variety packs.

Furthermore, these 10 mg per piece treats come in at $44.99 a container, providing a deal that competes amongst the best in CBD. A smart choice if you’re just starting to get into CBD but want to learn when it’s best for you to use, Charlotte’s Web gummies are a great introductory course.


Photo courtesy of CBDfx.

Gaining popularity over the past year in the CBD community, CBDfx is another brand with great intent behind the design of their products. Taking a different approach to gummies besides the types of flavors, CBDfx offers alternative varieties that include creative variations like Apple Cider Vinegar, Biotin, Melatonin, Tumeric & Spirulina, and of course, Regular.

In tandem with a low price point, this creates a level of accessibility to CBD that works for you, maximizing the potential benefit. After innovating some pretty excellent products, CBDfx sets a bar in the industry with these gummies not many have matched, which is why they’ve been garnering more and more attention.

Here’s our full review of CBDfx gummies!


Photo courtesy of FabCBD.

If you’re looking for a fabulous product from an amazing team, FabCBD has got you covered. Including a fruit-flavored gummy bear, FabCBD’s pack comes in 750 mg, which includes 30 25mg gummies. One of our favorites for an on-the-go bottle that packs a good everyday dose.

Fab CBD has a knockout product on their hands with this one. And as a company that has built a reputation for attention to detail, you can anticipate the flavor of these to meet your liking too.

Just CBD

Photo courtesy of Just CBD.

As a company that’s always at the top of every list, Just CBD faces no exceptions here for their gummies. Leaning more towards a selection that could compete with your neighborhood candy store, one thing we love about Just CBD is how low their price point is for the type of quality you’re getting in return.

Make no mistake, calling yourself ‘Just CBD’ is a recipe for disaster if people discover that your product is bunk; however, these guys not only get it right but produce a bang for your buck unmatched across a lot of the industry. Check them out if you’re looking for a gummy selection that’s for the unapologetic sweet tooth.


Photo courtesy of Penguin.

Waddling their way to the forefront of the industry, Penguin has a strong CBD gummy pack that a lot of influencers in CBD love. Including a pack of worms at $45, what Penguin’s known best for with their CBD is how they’ve been able to offer a 10 mg isolate that’s exceptionally pure.

Including 30 in their pack, the gummies themselves are strangely delicious as well, providing a smooth flavor that doesn’t sour on the tongue. Often considered an ‘every persons’ CBD, Penguin is always a safe bet, with these gummies as another example of why.

Not Pot

Photo courtesy of Not Pot.

Brought to the national forefront for their clever branding, Not Pot has the type of image and attitude that’s incredibly reflective of the product they sell…one that clearly shows an attention to detail. As gummies are their primary product, Not Pot has perfected their vegan, all-natural gummies to be some of the most delicious on the market.

As a great size and crystal clear design, their flavors include some of the best fruit varieties on the market. Giving fruit snacks in general a run for their money, Not Pot has put a lot into their product and impact they not only host in CBD but the greater community overall, aiming to #freeplantsandpeople.

Joy Organics

Photo courtesy of Joy Organics.

Joy Organics is the type of CBD brand that’s a breath of fresh air. First and foremost, as they already have the name ‘organic’ in them, the expectation is already high, however, it can also come with a premium. Instead, they not only follow through with living up to their namesake, but they do so at an affordable price point.

At $39.95, Joy Organics offers 30 gummy jars in Strawberry Lemonade or Green Apple, and at 10mg per piece, they show us why some people are in CBD in the first place: to offer holistic goods for the better of the masses. An excellent contributor to CBD culture, Joy Organics is sure to bring you joy each and every time.


Photo courtesy of Pure Kana.

After developing a massive following on Instagram, PureKana started to become a pretty influential voice in CBD. In a way, they’re also a product leader, helping establish standards for quality early on that have since been adopted by the rest of the industry, and regarding their gummies, that’s also been significantly true as well.

Coming in at $40, PureKana’s gummies include 20 gummies at 25 mg per piece, giving a stronger dose than most at that price point. A great everyday choice, PureKana holds up to their name, delivering on a pure product that cuts through the noise.


Photo courtesy of Koi.

Seen at glass and tobacco across the nation, Koi has been a fan favorite for some time now. The biggest reason their gummies have gained popularity is how convenient their packaging is for such a quality product. Trusted by many experts, Koi offers its full-spectrum gummies in a pack of 20, with each including 10mg of CBD. Additionally offering melatonin versions as well, Koi keeps it simple, but easy to get hip with, giving a great CBD solution that anyone can get down with.

Soul CBD

Photo courtesy of Soul CBD.

Like many CBD companies on our list, living up to your namesake is a big cursor for quality…and with Soul CBD, it’s clear they put a lot of love into their product. Claiming that “your multi-vitamin has met its CBD infused soulmate”, Soul CBD offers gummies that are designed to maximize being at your best.

Coming in the flavors Orange Cream, Raspberry, Strawberry, or Coconut Vanilla, this $39.99 bottle is making its way up to be one of the best CBD gummies on the market today. As a brand that’s growing to be a top competitor in the market, Soul CBD will definitely get you feeling right inside, absolutely.


Photo courtesy of Kushly.

Developing themselves to be a pretty big name in California, Kushly’s CBD products follow their well-respected reputation to a T. Although a little pricier than a lot of other options, Kushly’s gummies are $79.00 per bottle and include 750mg at 30 mg per piece.

We’ll note that strength like that per gummy definitely makes up for the price point, however, we’d recommend these primarily for those who’ve taken CBD before. Overall, Kushly definitely lives up to the hype, and although not as accessible, it is a great choice for the CBD fan looking for a little something extra in their gummies.

Creating Better Days

Photo courtesy of Creating Better Days.

Another popular product amongst glass and tobacco shops, Creating Better Days has grown to be pretty well-known for their gummies. Offering packs that are 15mg per piece, their pricing gradually decreases for the more bulk you buy, with their 10 pack clocking in at $26.99, as well as their 20 pack at $38.99.

Hitting all the standards including USA-grown, lab-tested product, the value, and convenience of Creating Better Days is definitely there, especially if you’re looking for a great on-the-go pack.

Happy Hemp

Photo courtesy of Happy Hemp.

Putting a lot of candy stores to shame, Happy Hemp has one of the largest varieties of CBD gummies we’ve been able to find so far. Including everything from Rainbow Ribbons and Peach Rings to Gummy Cherries and Strawbery Licorice, Happy Hemp has any and all candies covered that you could possibly want.

With a starting price point of $23.99 per jar, they don’t hold back on value either, really going after making everyone as happy as can be with their hemp. Check them out if you’re looking for a pretty straightforward deal.

Veritas Farms

Photo courtesy of Veritas Farms.

As a full-spectrum competitor, Veritas Farms has strong options that yield a great bang for your buck. Including a single fruit-flavored pack, Veritas Farms includes the prices $5.99 to $34.99, which range from a five-pack, 30 pack, and 30 pack with Melatonin.

An excellent option if you’re looking for an edible that’s all-encompassing while delivering on a straightforward solution, Veritas Farms is definitely where it’s at.


Photo courtesy of Kanibi.

Offering organic gummies, Kanibi is a newcomer on our radar, but one with a strong product to compete amongst the market. At $44 per bottle, they include 10mg of CBD per serving in a 30 gummy pack.

Pretty solid value considering the quality, Kanibi is premiering itself to become a top-tier company in CBD. And after hitting every other benchmark of high-quality, Kanibi provides a product that subtly is out to beat out practically all of the competition (and then some).

Premium Jane

Photo courtesy of Premium Jane.

Hoping to be considered the premium product in CBD, Premium Jane certainly isn’t blowing any smoke when it comes to their gummies. Offering a 750 mg pack, their full-spectrum variety comes in 25mg per gummy, providing a strong punch per each.

Furthermore, these gummies are surprisingly delicious, being chock-full of flavor in each bite. Although their price point is at $55, the quality is there for what you’re getting, especially as an end-of-the-day treat.

Balance CBD

Photo courtesy of Balance CBD.

Hoping their CBD provides ‘balance’ to your life, Balance CBD certainly follows through with trying to live up to their name. Their gummies come in a variety of flavors that include everything from Strawberry and Orange Dreamsicle to Cotton Candy and Wildberry, as well as are listed out in the options 100mg or 250 mg.

At the time of writing, Balance CBD is sold out of a lot of flavors, showcasing that their results speak for themselves. And with such convenient packaging, Balance CBD definitely knows where they balance out to in your lifestyle too.

CBD American Shaman

Photo courtesy of CBD American Shaman.

Developing themselves for quality over anything, CBD American Shaman is definitely a blessing to the CBD world. Currently offering an array of gummies, their selection includes 10 mg gummies, a sample pack, gourmet gummies, and energizers, as well as a mix of sugar-free varieties too.

Focusing on buying in bulk, their gummies do come at a higher price point for entry, however, they are also consistently good quality (especially if you’re trying to buy something organic). An underdog brand, CBD American Shaman is considered a top choice amongst some, providing a sleeper for being one of the better out of the bunch.

Pure Relief

Photo courtesy of Pure Relief.

If their focus was on creating one strong, incredible product, Pure Relief hit the nail on the head. Coming in a single pack, Pure Relief’s CBD gummies come in a 30 pack of 30 mg gummies at $59.99. Although a little bit more expensive to buy into, this is one of the strongest packs out, hands down.

Especially for those really looking to kick things into overdrive, Pure Relief is without a doubt the solution you need.

Kush Queen

Photo courtesy of Kush Queen.

A member of CBD royalty, Kush Queen has steadily been making its name known in the industry for its high-quality offerings. Electing to focus on a variety of types, Kush Queen offers a rare CBG+CBD selection, as well as CBN, and plain options.

Pushing the bar with different types of cannabinoids, this is a growing trend that’s been increasingly popular, and as such, will most likely make Kush Queen a top runner for CBD offerings overall. Check them out if you’ve been looking for other CBD combos that make use of different plant varieties.

Diamond CBD

Photo courtesy of Diamond CBD.

If you’re looking for a company that shines bright, then Diamond is gleaming. Their edibles include a few different options of flavors and varieties, which including interesting choices like gummy bears and watermelon slices.

With pricing that starts as low as $4.99, Diamond has an accessible price-point that practically anyone can find something they’d like. Although their name is premium, their pricing is not, creating a valuable solution for any CBD gummy lover.

Liftmode Hemp

Photo courtesy of Liftmode Hemp.

A relative newcomer to our sites, Liftmode Hemp is aiming to try and bring you up with their selection of gummies. Including the flavor fruity, as well as infusions with collagen and multi-vitamins, their initial selections are interesting, providing a solution that any CBD fan can get down with.

Furthermore, as each gummy includes 20.8 mg, this is practically a deal that’s too good to be true. However, as they’re just breaking on the scene, it might be wise to take advantage of Liftmode aiming to get their name out there before it’s too late.

CBD Infusionz

Photo courtesy of CBD Infusionz.

Although their name may look like a nightclub, the vibe CBD Infusionz gives off is bright and therapeutic. Coming in with a significant array of candies, their gummies include such classics as worms, rings, slices, and pop bottles, creating flavors that any and all candy fans will find favorable.

Additionally, as each gummy has a price range of $11.99 to $88.99, CBD Infusionz creates a price that most can come in on, as well as selections that are enjoyable to consume. A great set that hits all the standards, CBD Infusionz certainly knows a thing or two about how these gummies can be infused into your lifestyle.

Green Roads

Photo courtesy of Green Roads.

What’s often considered a top name in CBD, Green Roads has one of the widest ranges for gummies. Including options like a 300 mg bottle, 100 mg convenience packs, and even 25 mg on-the-go packs, Green Roads has made their market on being a great brand for day-to-day CBD.

After all, there’s a reason why Green Roads became so popular amongst convenience stores, with their individually wrapped packs providing the perfect boost for those moving around. Check them out if you see them at the gas station next, as their gummies will definitely surprise you.


Photo courtesy of PlusCBD.

Offering a fair amount of customization for each order, PlusCBD is a great one-stop-shop for a lot of CBD fans. Their 5 mg gummies come in 10, 30, and 60 counts, as well as can be in the flavors Cherry Mango or Citrus Punch and are offered at the prices $8.39, $27.99, and $44.99, respectively.

A well-known name for making consistently great CBD products since they’ve been on the scene, PlusCBD is an excellent addition to any CBD fans’ rotation.


Photo courtesy of Yumi.

Although it’s not a CBD company, Yumi does make one of the best CBD gummies. As a supplemental gummy company, their texture is one of the better, as they definitely know the art form of making a solid soft chew.

Additionally, their CBD pack comes with 30 or 60 gummies which come in $29.99 or $44.99. At 10 mg per piece, Yumi is honestly more competitive for its value than a lot of straight-up CBD companies, which is why they’re earning their place amongst the best.

Best CBD Gummies for Sleep

Hemp Bombs CBD Sleep Gummies

Photo courtesy of Hemp Bombs.

If you want the good zzzs, then you need something specially formulated to give you better sleep, like Hemp Bombs CBD Sleep gummies. Each of the five gummies contains 15 mg of CBD and 5 mg of melatonin, insomnia’s worst enemy. These CBD gummies help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Unlike most sleep aids, they provide complete serenity, no groggy mornings.

Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety

Sunday Scaries Gummies For Anxiety

Photo courtesy of Sunday Scaries.

Unless you suffer from anxiety, you don’t truly know anxiety. There is no argument. If you want to see what CBD gummies can do for your racing heart and mind, then there’s no better bottle to start with than Sunday Scaries.

People that actually know what anxiety is like made Sunday Scaries CBD gummies. They contain 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD a pop along with vitamins B12 and D3. For those with mad social anxiety, these gummies are a gift. After a few rounds, you may find yourself going out for dinner and facing the crowd like a champ again.

Twisted Extracts CBD Jelly Bombs

Photo courtesy of Twisted Extracts.

For taking the edge off anxiety, Twisted Extracts CBD Jelly Bombs are your kind, candied soothers. Infused with 80 mg of 99.9 percent pure CBD isolate and 0 mg of THC, these Lego block-inspired gummies are a peaceful oasis for escaping the unruly symptoms of anxiety. They come in two uplifting flavors, pineapple, and peach, with no herbal flavor in the slightest. Moreover, they can be divided perfectly into portions of eight, which makes finding your perfect dose of calm plain sailing.

Best CBD Gummies for Pain

Good Vibes CBD Gummies

Photo courtesy of Good Vibes.

Pain is both uncomfortable and distracting, regardless of how mild it may be. Trying to get things done when your body is aching and throbbing is like trying to work with a screaming toddler in the background. For a sweet and healthy treat to rid of those annoying sore spots, try Good Vibes CBD gummy worms.

On top of cutting your pain in half, these CBD gummies help you relax, making them perfect for the evening time when you’re winding down. Each critter has 15 mg of the highest purity CO2 extraction. Plus, they’re fat-free!

Best CBD Gummies for ADHD

Soothe CBD Gummies

Photo courtesy of Soothe.

It’s kind of hard to chill when you have ADHD. If you’re one to fidget and can’t sit still for too long, then Soothe has the right CBD gummies to calm you down and help you relax. Their blue and red nano gummy bears contain 10 mg of CO2 CBD isolate a piece.

Moreover, they’re kosher and organic and provide vitamin B12, electrolytes, and organic terpenes for flavor and effect, and other natural ingredients. Most customers say the blue bear is their favorite and that in addition to keeping you chill, these gummies control stress and boost your focus.

Best CBD Gummies for Migraines

Flower Of Life CBD Gummy Bears

Photo courtesy of Flower Of Life.

Relieve a migraine and enjoy a sweet treat at the same time with Flower Of Life CBD Gummy Bears. With these CBD gummies, you don’t get a variety of flavors in a pack, but you do have exotic options, including Banana Cream Pie, Cotton Candy, Pina Colada, and more.

Each bear, handmade from scratch, delivers 10 mg of Pure CBD made from the highest quality 99.9 percent pure kosher CBD crystals. Aside from a painful migraine, Flower Of Life CBD Gummy Bears is also excellent for relieving nausea, which often accompanies it.

An Important Note On CBD

CBD gummies and the best CBD oil can be a great dietary supplement, which is why it’s important to note that’s all it’s been legally approved for on a national level. Although we often hear about CBD’s supposed benefits and whatnot, those are claims untested by the FDA, and as such, should be taken with a grain of salt.

Instead, the most important person you can talk to about if CBD is right for you is your doctor or pediatrician. Doing so will not only enable you to have the best experience but also will put your mind at ease knowing CBD is right for you.

As implementing CBD into your routine should be a part of a larger goal, remember that a healthy lifestyle takes a lifetime to achieve, which is why you should slow down and get this process right the first time, ensuring you’re going to be good for a long, long time.

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