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Herb’s Guide To The Best Delta 8 Drinks

One of the most and products out there is drinkable cannabis, and when it comes down to Delta 8 drinks, there are quite a lot of options to choose from.

Cannabis beverages are gaining quick popularity due to their convenient and straightforward nature.

These drinks are loaded with the feel-good and uplifting substances that we love and adore, but in a liquid, tasty, and very enjoyable form. 

Stick around for this curated list of D8 drinkables we put together to understand and decide which ones you want to try!  

Best Delta 8 Beverages

There are many different types of cannabis drinks, ranging from shots to sodas, and flavored water.


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Activ8 produces a fantastic assortment of drinks and shots loaded with D8 and unique flavors.

Find top-rated options like cherry, grape, blue raspberry, and apple!

Their drinks come in a syrup presentation with two servings per bottle and a short presentation with a single dose.

Whether you want to drink them by themselves or mix them with your favorite beverage, Activ8 should be your go-to for anything with drinkable Delta 8.

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​Delta Extrax Shot

Delta Extrax is a company that specializes in the creation and distribution of premium quality, hemp-derived products that feature a variety of cannabinoids and flavors.

Their Delta 8 beverage line is one of their most limited up to date, but they are known for the quality of their products and how well curated they are. 

The Fruit Punch D8 shot packs a serious punch and will leave the user with a mild cerebral focus and body high.

Each bottle has 75 mg of the best Delta 8 THC distillate and clean, naturally sourced terpenes that elevate the flavor and user experience to the next level.

Bay Smokes D8 Drink Mix

When you look for something to drink, you expect that smooth sensation of a refreshing liquid running through your throat. The taste floods your tongue while the beverage is wetting your thirsty insides.

How about adding the magic touch of Delta 8 THC to the story? Bay Smokes’ D8 Drink Mix blends with any water-based liquid. Thus, you can add it to water, soda, tea. Whatever is your favorite drink.

Choose your dosage, whether you want 250 mg or 1,000 mg per bottle. Each bottle has 2 oz. And, you can choose the taste of watermelon, cotton candy, grape, or peach.

Plus, the effects appear as quickly as 3 to 5 minutes.

​Vida Optima Syrup

Vida Optima Elev8 D8 syrup comes in three different flavor options: Mello Melon, Passion Fruit, and Raspberry Rose.

These drinks are loaded with 25 mg of Delta 8 THC per serving, and 300 mg per bottle, which means every bottle will give you a pretty good amount of doses.

These syrups are 100% vegan and gluten-free and made in the USA.

What is most interesting about these syrups is that they are completely water-soluble, so you can spice any water-based drink with this solution to elevate your drink and convert it into a cannabis experience. 

Bloomble Buzz Beverage Enhancer

This water-soluble powder can transform any two-quart drink into a potent 240 mg Delta 8 THC beverage.

The Buzz Beverage Enhancer comes in Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Grape, and Tropical Punch flavor options that are gluten and caffeine-free.

Although the rest of the products we have put on this list for you are beverages, the Buzz Beverage Enhancer is a powder that you add to your drinks to spice them up.

This is amazing for users that want to discreetly transform their water into a tasty, uplifting, and exciting experience.

What Is Delta 8 THC

Delta 8, D8, or Delta 8 THC is a less-available cannabinoid in about just 0.1% of the plant’s general chemical buildup.

Although it is naturally occurring, this cannabinoid is mainly produced via isomerization, which we will explain in further detail below. 

This cannabinoid is very interesting because cannabis users can benefit from the vast amount of beneficial effects without getting stoned.

However, keep in mind that this product may still come up in lab tests, so if you’re to be checked, it’s best to keep away from these products altogether.

How Is Delta 8 THC Made

Delta 8 THC is typically derived from hemp, although some producers may use cannabis plants.

The main difference between these is the concentration of Delta 9 which would be found. However, it is essential to check what the brand you want to consume uses.

Many laboratories use cannabinoid conversion methods to produce Delta 8 THC by replicating a natural process in the plant.

Typically CBG, the ‘’mother cannabinoid’’, undergoes conversion to become a different cannabinoid, and this process can be replicated in a lab with Delta 9 or CBD as sources. 

The brands we put on the list have been selected because they guarantee their source and process. You know that the drinks have hemp-derived Delta 8, which is federally legal and lab tested for safety.

Delta 8 THC vs CBD

It is very easy to compare these two substances, but we must never confuse or mix them up as they have a significant difference: CBD is not psychoactive.

In reality, Delta 8 THC is most comparable to Delta 9 THC, but some users have had their fair bit of misinformation and believe that CBD’s cannabinoid is most related to D8.

Delta 8 THC vs Delta 9 THC

Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC are almost identical. These compounds look quite the same if analyzed rapidly but differ when you look closer.

D8 contains its bond in the 8th carbon chain, while Delta 9 has it in the 9th.

Delta 8 THC and THC, or Delta 9 THC, are very similar regarding the effects and benefits they provide us.

However, these compounds vary in their strength and psychotropic capacity. Do consider that there is still some work to be done when it comes to research on these substances.

From what we know, Delta 8 THC has lower psychotropic capacities.

This means it will provide the user with a general feel-good, mind-boosting, and uplifting feeling and experience, without the heavy mind-buzz and psychoactive effects of THC.

Will Delta 8 Get Me High?

Yes, in theory, Delta 8 has minor psychoactive effects that may produce a mild buzz or feel-good sensation, which is commonly associated with Delta 9.

Delta 8 will produce some effects associated with traditional cannabis consumption, but these come in a more controlled and less-potent experience.

Generally speaking, you might experience benefits in your state of mind and consciousness but do not feel any strong psychoactive or hallucination effects.

Is Delta 8 Safe?

Delta 8 THC has been studied for some time now, but there is still much groundwork to be done on its complete description and definition.

However, we do have sufficient information and knowledge on this substance and know it is a safe and reliable substance that can benefit our body and mind rather than harm it.

The most crucial aspect of Delta 8, when we’re considering its safety and reliability, is that it is one of the most ‘’conservative’’ of cannabinoids.

This is because it is pretty milder than THC and needs a very high dose (literally higher than that which can be consumed in a day) to produce harmful or even lethal effects.

If you happen to consume too much D8, you will probably need a snack, a lie-down, or a brief siesta to control the secondary effects which it may produce.

If you feel side effects, like paranoia, tachycardia, a state of confusion, or others, you must stop consuming, drink some water and stick to the couch, but you will probably feel the effects pass in a couple of hours at most.

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