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guides | 12.11.2019

Dispensaries in BC: Where to Buy Weed in British Columbia

British Columbia is unofficially known as the cannabis mecca of Canada. That means there’s lots of choices on where to pick up. These are the best dispensaries in BC.

There will only be one legal recreational cannabis store open immediately after legalization, and for whatever reason, it’s in Kamloops. With a population of only 80,000, deep in the interior of the province, it’s a strange location for the first ever legal cannabis store in what is arguably the epicenter of the country’s cannabis scene. The store in Kamloops will be government run and located in the Columbia Place Shopping Centre.

Dispensaries in BC

The rest of the province’s storefront cannabis retailers are still waiting for the government to work through its approval process. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t laughably easy to find and purchase cannabis from the dispensaries in BC. These stores are illegal, of course, but some of them will be legal one day. For years, they’ve been operating in a legal grey area, and for the most part, have avoided the sort of mass police raids that have forced many of the Toronto’s dispensaries to shutter their doors. According to a survey conducted by the Vancouver Sun, it could be up to 18 months before other legal dispensaries in BC come online.

What type of weed can you buy in BC?

These illegally operating dispensaries in BC also carry different products to the legal ones. Edibles and concentrates, like shatter, are not currently legal for recreational purposes in Canada. As a result, one of the only places to purchase these products is from illicit dispensaries.

Best Dispensaries in BC

1. Farmacy – Victoria

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Photo courtesy of farmvictoria.com

This store feels like the dispensary of the future. Dozens of different strains and all their respective properties are displayed on tablets embedded in the store’s counter. Behind the workers, big screen TVs display more information about their products. There’s even a person stationed out front of the store whose job it is to hold the door for you and welcome you into the dispensary with a smile. They have quality products—even the packaging the cannabis comes in is high quality and recyclable.

2. Cloud Nine – Victoria

Cloud Nine has amazing online reviews. And while at least some of these can surely be attributed to the free-weed-for-a-review deals that the dispensary previously offered its customers, the store also lives up to the hype. This dispensary always has good quality product and friendly, informative customer service. It’s located in the heart of downtown Victoria.

3. Trees – Vancouver Island

This dispensary franchise is one of the most recognizable on Vancouver Island. In fact, they’re the largest cannabis retail chain on the island. They have an increasing number of locations in Victoria, and another in Nanaimo. Trees has a good atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and offers spaces to roll the cannabis flower you’ve just purchased into joints.

4. THC (The Healing Center) – Vancouver

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Photo courtesy of thccanada.ca

This dispensary’s simple, modern, and clean design makes it a pleasure to shop in. They’ve been known to have lots of concentrates in stock, and a myriad of strain options for dried flower. Best of all, reviewers also claim that their products are very reasonably priced. THC is located on Main Street in Vancouver.

5. MJJ Total Health Care – Vernon

This dispensary has been hailed as one of the best in the Okanagans, a region of BC’s interior where good things grow and free spirits roam. MJJ Total Health Care is generally stocked with a diverse number of products, including concentrates, oils and topicals. They also allow their customers to order product online through their website.

6. Sunrise Wellness Foundation – Vancouver

This Vancouver dispensary is known for its reportedly meticulous lab testing process, in which it looks for potentially harmful contaminants on cannabis flower. As a result, only the best cannabis makes it onto the shelves of Sunrise. If mold-free cannabis is important to you, this is where you can confidently purchase it from. Reviewers have also noted this dispensary’s wide variety of products.

7. Okanagan Cannabinoid Therapy – West Kelowna

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Photo by Okanagan Cannabinoid Therapy Kelowna via Facebook

This Kelowna-based dispensary bills itself as the “premier medical cannabis dispensary in the Okanagan Valley.” The team that runs this dispensary works hard to live up to that title. They frequent cannabis conferences to learn more about the products they sell and even sponsor their own educational events. When you shop at this dispensary, the breadth of their knowledge is only rivaled by the quality of their service. If you want to purchase your cannabis from staff which goes to great lengths to know what they’re talking about, this is certainly one of the best dispensaries in BC.

8. Okanagan Cannabis Solutions Society – West Kelowna

This West Kelowna dispensary consistently gets good reviews for having quality customer service, along with a solid selection of cannabis flower. Many customers know the owners of this store by name, giving it a homey, mom-and-pop vibe. But bring cash—this dispensary is cash only.

9. The Kure Cannabis Society – Chilliwack

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Photo by Kure Cannabis Society via Facebook

Nestled up to the Fraser River in Chilliwack, this dispensary is only a stone’s throw away from a world-class smoking spot. But that’s not the only reason you might visit the Kure Cannabis Society. This dispensary offers customers daily deals, sources their products locally, and prices them affordably. Reviewers also talk highly about the customer service and cleanliness of this dispensary.

10. Motacan Compassion Society – Abbotsford

Who can say no to free weed? First-time patients of this Abbotsford dispensary get a $10 credit to the store. If you refer a friend, you get another $5 credit. But don’t just come here for the freebies. Reviewers of this dispensary rave about the prices, customer service, and quality product. This dispensary is also a non-profit and recently opened a second storefront in Abbotsford.

11. MediCanna – Nanaimo

You’ll find this dispensary in the harbor city of Vancouver Island, where life moves a little slower, and the cannabis is free-flowing. In this dispensary, the cannabis is locally sourced from British Columbia and priced for affordability. All in all, they offer more than 250 cannabis products, the majority of which they claim are lab tested before hitting the shelves. It’s also centrally located, and close to the Ferry for those who live on the smaller islands just outside of Nanaimo.

12. Lotusland Cannabis Club – Vancouver

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Photo courtesy of lotuslandclub.com

This high-end dispensary chain’s Vancouver locations don’t disappoint. There are five Lotusland locations in Vancouver alone, and each one lives up to a high standard for quality. Aside from its clean and comfortable interior, this dispensary offers an array of products, from flower to edibles to concentrates. After you make your purchase, most locations are also a stone’s throw away from Vancouver’s legendary mountain views.

13. Cowichan Bay Dispensary – Vancouver Island

This family-owned and operated dispensary sits on the Eastern Coast of British Columbia’s beautiful Vancouver Island. According to their website, this dispensary lab tests their cannabis products so consumers can feel safe about what they’re consuming. Cowichan Bay Dispensary also offers an impressive array of products, which they feature on their website with high-quality photos so customers can decide what they want before even setting foot in the dispensary.

14. The Green Room – Nelson

Located in what has long been considered one of the epicenters of cannabis growing in Canada, The Green Room caters to patients who are looking for natural alternative treatments to relieve their pain. The dispensary owners also aim to give detailed guidance to customers to ensure that the cannabis they purchase has the greatest possible benefit for their wellbeing.

15. Eden – multiple locations

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Photo by MyEden via Facebook

Eden has been a pioneer in the Canadian cannabis industry, offering programs to give free cannabis access to those afflicted with opioid use disorders. While they’ve temporarily halted recreational sales to comply with Canada’s new legal cannabis legislation, their stores are expected to make a comeback in the near future. When they reopen, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to visit one of their premium locations.

16. TPD Boutique – Penticton

This Penticton dispensary in BC’s mountainous interior specializes in CBD therapy. They also take pride in offering customers locally sourced organic products, which include tinctures, creams, CBD oils and more. Find this dispensary right next to the beautiful Okanagan Lake in downtown Penticton.

17. Seed to Soul Boutique – Salmon Arm

This dispensary is located in the Kootenays region of British Columbia’s interior, which, with its rolling mountains and immense lakes, is an extremely appealing place to consume cannabis. The Seed to Soul Boutique offers customers daily deals, such as 15 percent off edibles on Tuesdays and 15 percent off flower on Fridays. They also get new products in stock daily, which they even sometimes allow customers to sample.

18. Hemp & Wellness – Vernon

This dispensary, located in Vernon, is known for getting rave reviews from its customers online. That’s because they have products and prices for every type of cannabis consumer. If you want the “kid in a candy store” experience, Hemp & Wellness is the dispensary you want to visit. The staff at this dispensary is also known for being extremely knowledgeable and polite. Good products, good prices, good staff—what more could a cannabis enthusiast want?

19. Black Crow Herbal Solutions – Vernon

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Photo by Black Crow Herbals via Facebook

Come with your own cannabis jar and this dispensary will sell you 1/8ths of cannabis flower for only $15. Located in Vernon, this dispensary offers an affordable selection of cannabis flower and a positive atmosphere. Reviewers of this dispensary rave about the friendly and knowledgeable staff, which make recommendations based on each individual’s unique needs.

20. Kootenay Cured – Vernon

Located in Vernon, this dispensary is known for its warm atmosphere, unique selection of quality products, and affordable pricing. The manager of this dispensary has also been said to go above and beyond to make customers feel valued, and properly educated on the products they buy. In an increasingly crowded market, this type of quality customer service is indispensable.

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