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Guides | 04.28.2022

How To Design The Perfect Sesh Space

Every weed lover needs a space for their smoking needs, and here's how you can get started.

Any cannabis user can tell you the best seshes tend to be in the great outdoors, but who says you can’t have the same refreshing experience from the comfort of your own home? Designing an aesthetically pleasing smoke space for your seshes is definitely one of the best ways to take that experience to the next level. 

It’s no secret that our experience using substances like cannabis or other drugs depends on our surrounding environment, and while some might prefer to toke outside in nature, others might want to cozy up indoors. If you’re in need of a zen, inviting, and designated smoke space, here’s how you can begin designing it to your liking. 

Choose The Right Space

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First, we need to find a location in or outside your home that you’re okay to smoke in. Say you have a back room with a large window or sliding door; this might be your best bet for a sesh room inside the home.

The same goes for a larger closet or a smaller bedroom that you can turn into a cozy haven. Are you still living with people who don’t want you smoking inside? Fear not, as outdoor rooms like garages and sheds could work just as well.

Put On Your Interior Designer Hat

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Here’s where things get fun. Is there are specific aesthetic you’re going for? Creating a sesh room gives the immense individual freedom to design the space of their dreams.

Perhaps you’re a fan of the nostalgic 70s psychedelic era; we suggest you head over to apps like Pinterest and search a specific theme for references on how you can spice up your sesh room’s interior design. Maybe a shag rug or a large poster of Jimi Hendrix might do the trick. Don’t forget about plants! I mean, you’re smoking a plant; why not add some for decor as well?

Bring In The Accessories

Time and again, we’ve compiled lists of our favorite cannabis accessories for you to use inside your designated sesh spot. Now that you have a space to smoke in, you finally have an excuse to purchase a rather large and not-so-portable product to keep in your sesh room and maybe even use it as decor or a centerpiece. 

Take the Hitoki Trident, for example. Do you know how badass it would be to have this bad boy up on a shelf in your sesh room ready to use? But, if you don’t want to drop a hefty amount of cash on this legendary laser bong, click here for more must-have accessories to spice up your smoke space


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