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HoneyStick AeroBee Cartridge Vaporizer Review: Inconspicuously Does Everything

HoneyStick’s latest battery offers a plethora of options for cloud billowing, all wrapped in a smart and unassuming package.

If you’re looking for a battery to commit to long-term, usually the device has got to tick a lot of boxes. Good construction is key, as those cheap batteries practically disassemble in your hands after a couple of months of use. You also probably want some sort of temperature or wattage control, so that you can adjust the strength behind each hit as need be.

You get the point, as opposed to disposables, a long-term rechargeable battery has got to be able to adapt to many cartridges throughout its life, and has to be able to withstand some punishment.

The AeroBee, the latest rechargeable concealer by HoneyStick, is one of the most compelling packages we’ve seen at the price point and could be that ‘one vape to rule them all that you’re looking for.


Photo courtesy of HoneyStick

Simplicity, quality, and discretion seemed to be the guiding principles of this design. Using a neat palm-fitting silhouette, the AeroBee should be fit to carry anywhere comfortably. It’s made entirely out of airplane-grade aluminum, guaranteeing a sturdy construction that can take a beating.

One of the niftiest design features of this device is the LCD screen next to the mouthpiece. Here you can consult anything you need to know about the state of the battery and cycle through the wide range of wattage and temperature options it provides.

It also has a magnet attachment for your cartridges, that holds them in place and makes switching them a breeze.

Battery Life

One of the most appealing features of the AeroBee is its generous 800 mAh battery. It should last you ages if you’re a casual smoker and opt for the low wattage power settings, but it will surprise you how much it lasts under heavy usage.

The battery size also allows the AeroBee to deliver a lot of power to the cartridge, meaning the device can handle oil of any thickness and allow you to get the most out of every terpene in your concentrates.


Interacting with this device should be really intuitive to long-term vape users. To turn it on simply press the power button five times consecutively and briefly check on the LCD screen. Afterward, click on that button three times to select between watt and temperature mode.

These two mean roughly the same, the amount of power delivered to the cartridge during each drag, but you may be more familiar with one over the other. Use the + and – buttons to select your desired wattage or temperature, remember to start low and slow and increase it as you begin to feel comfortable.

Before inserting a cartridge, make sure you screw on the magnetic seal tightly in order to ensure a good connection with the battery. The device will ask if the cartridge is new or old, make the correct selection to keep the settings optimal.

Afterward, the only thing is to keep that power button held as you drag to produce some clouds. Keep an eye out for the resistance reading in the LCD screen (measured in Ohms), a high readout (above 2) might mean your cartridge is running out.

Temperature Range

Another distinguishing feature of this device by HoneyStick is its in-depth temperature selection. Seeing as some oils perform better at certain temperatures, this is something you will want to fiddle with if you want to get the most of the device.

Wattage goes all the way up to 20, which is a pretty high amount, about as high as you’ll ever need. In terms of temperature, you’ll notice that the device defaults to 240 Fahrenheit, but it will go all the way up to 600.

Read up on your carts and experience the temperature range yourself in order to familiarize yourself with the settings.

Vapor Quality

This battery may be small in size, but it packs the power to generate tremendous clouds. Using its flexible temperature control, you can maximize the heat behind each drag to extract vapor as thick as you want it.

The temperature control also helps burn the oil at the necessary temperature to extract different terpenes, so make sure you try out different temperatures to discover new sides to old strains.


  • Outstanding battery life
  • Quality materials and sturdy construction
  • Flexible temperature control


  • Magnetic seal lends itself to a loose fit on some cartridges.
  • Wide range of options can bewilder beginners.

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