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Hotbox 101 – What You Need To Know

The hotbox is something every cannabis enthusiast needs to try, at least once! We look at the do’s, don’ts and How-to’s.

Dec 4, 2015 - Sera Jane Ghaly

Hotboxing is a favorite stoner pastime, and for those who are unfamiliar with the event, it is the act of smoking up a very small, air-tight space. Most people will hotbox a car, a bathroom or a bedroom.

Smoking in a small, enclosed space means everyone gets higher, if only from being in a room with too much carbon dioxide. Some adventurous stoners have even hotboxed their tents while camping before.

Despite hotboxing being a stoner´s favorite way to share the herb with his friends sometimes, it´s actually not the healthiest habit to get into. Hotboxing can effectively be an act of robbing yourself of oxygen, and so this is not recommended as a habitual occurrence. However, in moderation, it can be a really good time between friends.

What happens to you when you hotbox?

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Most stoners have at least one memory of hotboxing a cubicle in the toilets in school or blazing out the car before class in the school car park.There is no doubt hotboxing came into stoner culture out of an act of rebellion, and thereby one of the most fun ways to get stoned was discovered.

So what is actually happening to you when you hotbox? As a result of confining yourself in a small container with a lot of smoke, you are effectively robbing your brain of oxygen. Some people think that the resulting high is because of hanging out in a very smoky room, but in fact, the added kick to your high is a result of hanging out in a room with too much carbon dioxide. That´s why in order for a hotbox to be successful, it has to be in a very small area.

You need enough weed to hotbox!

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Another beautiful thing about the hotbox is that it is an elegant and extravagant affair. By that, I mean that one joint will not usually suffice for a hotbox session. The hotbox requires multiple joints, if not multiple blunts. A rolled smoking method is always preferred because it creates more smoke, which encourages the desired effect. A glass blunt would also do the trick, like the Twisty Glass from 7Pipe.

The more people there are hotboxing your space, the easier it is to ensure that there is enough weed and smoke circulating.

Hotboxing is a community event

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Although it can be fun from time to time to hide away in the bathrooms in your office building and hotbox one of the cubicles, but the truth is it is more fun with friends! Hotboxing is one of those anomalies that occurs when too many high people get into a small space. It´s giggly and exciting.

It´s more likely that hotboxing has its origins rooted in friends trying to find an inconspicuous place to smoke – it´s part of the magic of hotboxing!

It´s a little bit dangerous

The reason that hotboxing is a little bit dangerous is because it requires sitting in a very smoky room with too much CO2 circulating. The reason that people get “higher” after hotboxing is because there is really not enough oxygen circulating the space.

This is pretty dangerous to be participating in for extended periods of time or on a regular basis. It is dangerous to starve your brain of oxygen, so be careful, especially because marijuana has been added to the mixture!

Don´t get caught!

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The number one place that people get caught smoking marijuana by the police is in their cars. Of course, this is a very popular choice for a hotbox. If you are going to hotbox your car out in the suburbs, just be careful that the police are not prowling.

It just takes for a police officer to get close to the window and get a single whiff of what is happening in the car to make a reasonably certain assessment.

So be careful and have fun!

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