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Guides | 08.19.2021

How Do You Smoke Your Joint?

With the seemingly endless ways to get high these days, it’s easy to forget about our humble beginnings. So when you roll up your grass and pass it around, we want to know, how do you hold your joint?

Everybody has their favorite way to hold a joint. Whether you’re trying to avoid being burnt by a roach, making your point in a conversation, or simply puffing and passing, people take on their own persona’s when they’re high, and we like to see them all.

These are some of the most common ways to hold joints. Which ones do you use?

The Standard

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This is the most popular way to hold a joint, where you grasp it between the thumb and index finger, ensuring you not only have an easy way to place the joint in your mouth, you also avoid becoming ‘the guy who dropped all the weed.’

OUR RECOMMENDED ROLLING PAPER: A classic joint hold should be accompanied by a classic rolling paper. RAW’s hemp papers are a favorite of many and offer straightforward functionality and great smoke sessions.

The Homie

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Really just a slight variation on the standard, the homie sees your elbow move upwards when you toke on your smoke until it is in line with or above the height of your mouth. Couple this motion with a slight lean back or to the side and you’re smoking with the homies.

OUR RECOMMENDED ROLLING PAPER: Made by Berner, Vibes Papers are the way to go if you’re smoking homie style. Find them available in their hempriceultra thin, and organic hemp versions.

The French

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What probably began as a simple and easy way to hold a cigarette now leaves some joint smokers looking a little classier than the rest. It’s the simple ‘v’ hold between your index and middle finger and has to have to follow through with a slight flick of the wrist to complete the move.

OUR RECOMMENDED ROLLING PAPER: Wanna feel classy and enjoy a good smoke? Then you can’t go wrong with Zig-Zag’s iconic French orange papers.

The Fez

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This one probably applies more to blunts and involves supporting the weight of your smoke on your middle finger whilst holding it in place with your thumb and index. You are also required to wear an open-collared shirt and move your eyebrows up and down in a suggestive manner, every time you receive the blunt.

OUR RECOMMENDED ROLLING PAPER: You’re gonna need a blunt wrap for this one. We highly recommend you use King Palm’s terpene-infused leaf wraps. These all-natural wraps are easy to fill and super slow-burning.

The Noob

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We’ve all been there. At some point in time, you didn’t know how to smoke a joint either, and the pressure of getting it right can be overwhelming. The noob covers all manner of incorrect or badly thought out holding techniques, whether it’s lighting the wrong end or treating it like a foot-long sub.

OUR RECOMMENDED ROLLING PAPER: You’re gonna need a paper that can survive being mishandled. OCB’s papers are made of wood pulp, so they won’t easily tear or wrinkle.

The ‘Look Mom, No Hands’

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Finally, the phrase ‘look mum, no hands’ applies to more than learning to ride a bicycle! This one applies to people who place the joint in the side of their mouth and toke while their hands are otherwise occupied.

Sure the joint will be a little moist from this point on, and there is an increased risk of dropping the precious cargo from your mouth, but for those people who love to multitask or really can’t stop what they’re doing for the 10 seconds it takes to inhale, it’s a viable option.

OUR RECOMMENDED ROLLING PAPER: Add some style to this badass hold with Blazy Susan’s pink papers. Your j’s will get everyone’s attention for their color and their quality.

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