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Guides | 04.21.2023

How To Cure The Post-420 Blues

Back to reality. Here's how to re-adjust after the 420 madness.

This past 420 was one for the books. Now that the fun has passed and we’re back to reality, you might be finding it challenging to find motivation after all the madness.

Your brain just released a ton of dopamine from smoking all that weed on 420. Now, it may have a hard time producing some on its own. Don’t worry, this is just temporary, and you should be back to normal in a few days.

Below, we’ve included 4 ways to help you cure the post-420 blues and restore your body’s natural dopamine levels in the healthiest way possible. Keep reading for tips on how to do it.

Get Exercise

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Instead of replenishing your dopamine levels with more weed, exercising is the best way to do it naturally. I’m not telling you to hit the gym and pump iron ’til you puke. If you don’t work out, start slow. Take your dog for a power walk around the block and get your heart rate going.

You could also opt for pilates or yoga, which you can do practically anywhere. The key is to get your blood pumping. This helps your body reward you by releasing feel-good dopamine, which naturally reduces stress and elevates the mood.

Keep Yourself Busy With Hobbies

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One easy way to bring happiness into your days is by doing something you love. Everyone has hobbies, and when you feel down and out or stressed, doing what you love is incredibly rewarding.

I love cooking. I love watching people’s reactions when they eat my food, and I adore the process of breaking a sweat over the stove while making something delicious. This makes me feel good.

The key is to find healthy hobbies that make you feel good, be it painting, writing, baking, or anything else that will keep you busy and engaged. And yes, this includes having sex. Having an orgasm is an excellent way to produce dopamine naturally.

Munch On Foods That Increase Dopamine

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Specific foods containing certain amino acids can be wildly beneficial when you’re lacking dopamine. Below, you’ll find a list of foods that are rich in the amino acid tyrosine, which is known to boost dopamine production:

  • Avocados
  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Almonds
  • Bananas
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Tofu

Eating these foods, along with the other practices on this list, will help your body restore its natural dopamine levels.

Get Enough Sleep

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An hour before bedtime, put your phone away. I know you love scrolling on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram before you hit the hay, but your phone’s bright light stops your brain and eyes from relaxing.

Instead, the best thing to do is read. Or write if that’s more up your alley. By engaging in these relaxing activities before bed, your eyes will be rested, and your brain will begin to relax and prepare for sleep.

Getting 7+ hours of quality sleep is essential for your well-being. Natural dopamine levels will be restored, your body will repair itself during the deep phases of your sleep, and you’ll feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to seize the day.

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