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Groove Grinder Review: Maximize Your Bud With This Toothless Grinder

It's time to put away your old toothed grinder and enter the future with this groovy device.

Photo by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

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When it comes to having that spirit-lifting buzz experience, a whole lot goes into the composition and transition. The quality of cannabis is one of such compositions; it has got to be right. Who loves figuring out unwanted particles from your weed every time you want to have a good smoke? 

This exercise is not only time-consuming; it kills the fun and passion for the weed. That urgent desire to heal the soul, and for intricate matters of this kind, we all want to get an instant go at it. Delay can be dangerous, you know?

The 4-piece aluminum Groove Grinder from Aerospaced will get your groove together and set you apart; permit me to say that it amounts to the buzzing feeling that comes from having good cannabis. Nothing comes close to this feeling, nothing on earth. 

So, if you seek ways to up your marijuana life and give it the best results, having the Groove Grinder will get you off your feet and spark in an instant. This article will carefully review this product and highlight reasons why it fits as a perfect accessory for weed and how it can better your weed life. 

So, let’s begin with a pop at the benefits and why it gets all the hype.


Groove Grinder

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Fantastic Design

A bold move away from the traditional tooth grinders gives us a safe landing on the 4-piece grinder that comes with the coaxial turbine technology, meaning you have this finely packaged grinder without teeth.

This way, you avoid the issue of having your finished weed products being stuck in the teeth of the grinder. 

In addition to this incredible feeling, your products are finely cut instead of shredded. This is essential if you want your weed stronger and maximized. Also, maintenance and cleaning are easy with this grinder, as you won’t have to struggle with the teeth.

You can find a Groove Grinder to match your needs and style, as it comes in 3 different sizes and 6 color options!


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Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

In addition to the toothless design is the top-level performance you enjoy on this grinder; your herbs and cannabis are instantly ground to powder form for your easy intake and great feeling.

And just in case you want to have your weed in your meals and wouldn’t want it to have that suspicious presence, with the prominent species of green leaves scattered all over. You can save yourself the unnecessary declaration by grinding it to powder form with the Groove Grinder

You get an effortless rotation; this is how you grind your weed; you don’t need to break a sweat. In addition, aside from the effortless grinding is the smooth end product that you constantly get.

The grinder also automatically separates unwanted by-products from your results; this way, you can easily separate the wheat from the chaff. This easy and automated process will have you loving your weed for good, trust me.


Photo courtesy of Aerospaced

The aluminum mark is an essential mark of greatness when it comes to what counts on the rudiments of durable products. You enjoy a fabulous product that lasts you a lifetime of use; we are not done just yet.

The compact size can leave you forgetting this grinder in your pocket without feeling it is there. You can easily take it to the office without knowing, but just before you start grinding your weed in the office, ensure you have permission to smoke there.

When it comes to a grinder that easily fits into your pocket and is durable for the years, we can add a mark of trust on the Groove Grinder.


As much as the quality of the weed is essential, the price of a grinder is not one of those things you would quickly want to slide off the table. You want to ensure it fits your budget and it doesn’t suck so much of it; after all, the price of getting a quality weed is relatively high, and adding many bills here can be bloody. 

Save your fears; the Grove Grinder is quite a budget grinder with its price below the $40 bill and since this is a grinder that will last you a lifetime, see this as a one-time investment for the future. Now you get the message, let’s move on to see how this product is used.

How To Use It

Below are four basic steps to use the Groove Grinder

  1. Remove top lid and place materials on the grooves 
  2. Replace the lid and rotate back and forth until the grinding is down with 
  3. Open the bottom chamber of the 4-piece grinder
  4. Boom! Your finished product is ready for use
July 14, 2021 — Last Updated August 27, 2021
Written by Marcos Heredia
July 14, 2021 — Last Updated August 27, 2021
Written by Marcos Heredia
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