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guides | 12.10.2019

Spliffigami: Heart Shaped Joint For People Who Really Love Weed

Why not take your love of Mary Jane and express it in this perfect way? Here’s how to roll a heart shaped joint that will make everyone love your skills.

Rolling a high-class joint is more than about just the end result. Artistic craftsmanship is an act of love. Spliffigami means loving the herb, loving the experience of smoking, and most of all, loving yourself enough to settle for nothing less than the best. What better way to express your love than a heart shaped joint, shown to use by kushnwaxconnection? Nothing, save for sharing it with someone you love when you are done. 

Step 1: The components

To roll a heart shaped joint, you first need to roll 4 regular joints. Consistency makes the end result look better, so make them all the same size. Make sure two of them are a bit loose, as they will have to bend. You also will leave the ends open on all of them.

Step 2: The bottom

Take the glue strips off of several extra rolling papers, and use one or two to connect two joints just behind the ends. You should have about a 45° angle when it is done.

Step 3: The curves

The two loose joints get curved and tucked into the separate ends of the first two. Making them slightly smaller at one end than the others will help. Secure them to the bottom two with more glue strips.

Step 4: The top connection

Once the rest of the joint is sealed together, you take more strips and connect the two curved joints just behind the tips.

Step 5: Tweak shape and light you heart shaped joint

It only takes a little bending and smoothing to get your shape perfect. A few extra glue strips to give the connections a cleaner look can make it a sleek work of art. To light it, just hold your lighter inside the shape and light the middle. Enjoy this fine creation with someone you love!

Are you going to add this to your Valentine’s Day goodie box for that special someone? Tell us on social media or in the comments below.

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