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The Best Dispensaries In Detroit

Find your medicine at these reputable shops in Detroit.

Detroit’s cannabis scene has always been thriving, whether legal or not. Michigan legalized medical marijuana back in 2008, and it wasn’t until 2018 that the state adopted recreational use.

Unfortunately, after some blocks and delays by a federal judge, recreational cannabis sales are not yet permitted in Detroit. Although it’s been four years since recreational legalization, consumers are still scrambling when looking for safe, accessible, high-quality cannabis products.

That said, there are a ton of premium medical dispensaries throughout the city, like the ones below. If you have a medical card, the shops below are happy to supply you with your rightful medicine. See the best dispensaries in Detroit below.


Viola wants to know, what’s your purpose? Viola is none other than the grandmother of former NBA star Al Harrington.

He created the weed and dispensary brand as an homage to his grandmother, who utilized the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for her glaucoma.

At this Detroit dispensary, everyone is treated like family, and the staff stops at nothing until you leave with something that helps you fulfill your purpose.

The Refinery

The Refinery is a stunning dispensary that’s just as beautiful as it is helpful.

The team here strives to provide every customer with the cleanest, highest quality, and most potent cannabis products.

The Refinery carries a fine selection of goods that cater to various needs and conditions, and the staff is always eager to make affordable and effective recommendations to ensure you have a pleasant cannabis experience.

Cloud Cannabis Co.

Medical patients in the Grosse Pointe area should check out the reputable and friendly dispensary Cloud Cannabis Co.

This medical marijuana shop has an unbeatable product selection for patients from all walks of life, whether you need something to beat insomnia or manage chronic pain.

The shop is bright with a welcoming atmosphere, and the staff is happy to introduce you to some of Michigan’s top medical marijuana brands.

Utopia Gardens

Walking into Utopia Gardens is like a breath of fresh air. The store is uniquely designed with artful pieces and tasteful murals that give you something to gaze at while waiting in line.

Besides that, Utopia’s product selection is quite impressive, and guests are always treated with the utmost respect regarding their condition and desired experience.

The staff here ensures you leave with what you came for, also suggesting new products that might be of help.

DACUT Medical Dispensary

DACUT Medical Dispensary is one of the more modern shops in the city.

Its sleek grey and black design and the many screens ensure that consumers have an unmatched visual experience.

Besides that, it’s a fully transparent and compliant dispensary that aims to connect the best quality products with its valued patients. The staff takes great pride in their helpful customer service and making each consumer’s experience a breeze.

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