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Learn | 06.21.2022

Germany To Launch Recreational Cannabis Sales Later This Year

Chancellor Olaf Scholz's coalition government hasn't let us down yet.

In December 2021, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s German coalition government took office.

The three socially liberal parties under the coalition deal have penned a lot of promises for the German people.

Launching recreational cannabis sales was one of them. In recent news, the government is finally starting to make moves regarding legalizing recreational cannabis sales and writing up legislation.

Germany’s government is starting to roll out plans for its upcoming cannabis legalization. It’s hoping to have legislation signed and sealed sometime later this year.

The pro-pot move was created to “help ensure quality control” and protect young people from purchasing unregulated cannabis illegally.

Once cannabis sales launch, the government also noted that an examination of the legislation’s “social effects” would take place four years down the line.

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Sources note that The Health Ministry is currently holding expert hearings on the forthcoming legislation. The hearings will comprise more than 200 representatives in different fields;

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Government officials
  • Unidentified international experts

During the hearings, experts will discuss how they can ensure the protection of

  • Young people
  • Consumers
  • General health

Once today’s hearing and the four others are complete, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said he would create draft legislation sometime in the second half of 2022.

In a press release, government drug czar Burkhard Blienert said that he, alongside many others, “have worked for years toward us in Germany finally ending the criminalization of cannabis consumers.”

He added that Germany is finally “beginning a modern and health-oriented cannabis policy.”

The expert hearings are scheduled for June and July, with legal cannabis sales to follow later this year.

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