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Guides | 03.09.2022

The Best Marijuana-Scented Candles

Lay back and relax with help from the dreamy notes of our favorite cannabis-scented candles.

You can never go wrong with gifting a candle, and you’d probably agree when we say receiving a candle is one of the best gifts. Not only does your favorite candle bring you a sense of peace and serenity, but who doesn’t want their space smelling fresher than ever?

Below, we’ve listed five of our favorite marijuana-scented candles to help you stay in tune with the cannabis community while supporting businesses that create safe, relaxing, and high-quality candles for you to enjoy until the wax runs out.

(Malin + Goetz) Cannabis Candle

One of our personal favorite cannabis candles is from (Malin + Goetz). This sweet and earthy candle comes from a brand that truly cares about your internal and external wellness, so they designed the Cannabis Candle to keep you at peace and relaxed. The soothing notes of oakmoss, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, lemon, and orange are sure to keep the ambiance flowing.

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Homesick Four Twenty Candle

Photo courtesy of Homesick

With the Four Twenty Candle, Homesick encourages us to light it up inside our safe space while the smoke drifts to the tune of your favorite album. Relaxation is a given with this sweet candle, which offers aromatic notes of bergamot, cannabis, cedarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli.

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Standard Dose Smoked Hemp Candle

Photo courtesy of Standard Dose

There’s not much in the way of stress when lighting the Standard Dose Smoked Hemp Candle. Allow the subtle and earthy notes of lilac, hemp flower, green fir, and lemon to drift up your nose and relieve you of any lingering anxiety. If you’re looking for a mini getaway, spend the night in the foresty lands of this serene hemp soybean wax candle.

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Boy Smells Purple Kush Scented Votive Candle

Photo courtesy of Boy Smells

While you might be a fan of the pungent and powerful strain Purple Kush, why not experience its strong yet refreshing aroma in Boy Smells’ candle? The Purple Kush Scented Votive Candle offers hints of the cannabis plant we know and love alongside glimmers of suede, tulip, purple cassis, white musk, and amber.

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Anecdote Candles High Society Cannabis Flower Candle

Photo courtesy of Anecdote Candles

Pinkys up friends, get in tune with high society lifestyles with help from this sweet and spicy cannabis flower candle by Anecdote Candles. The label reads “smells like garden parties and skewed perceptions,” which come in the form of spicy aromas and floral scents.

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