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The Best CBD Patches For Pain

Looking for an ultra-discreet way to get pain relief? Then CBD patches are a must-try. These are the best ones on the market.

After its introduction as a healing therapy with far-reaching results, CBD patches have grown into a reliable source of healing pains and aches that our bodies are exposed to. How is this possible? Well, CBD has in its composition anti-inflammatory, sleep-enhancing, and pain-relieving molecules that can help promote wellness and a better quality of life.

In addition, you can also enjoy anxiety-reducing functions, all packed in one patch of CBD. 

CBD imparts fast relief from issues such as nerve pain and other sorts of pain that may affect your body. How this works is quite simple; when you place a CBD patch on your injured surface, it bypasses the digestive system and gives you an immediate impact, as it goes straight to your bloodstream. 

Let me explain this process in bits; it gets to your digestive system first when you take CBD orally. It can stay there for days before finding its way to your bloodstream, from where it can locate the cells that need the healing you require. 

This is not the case with CBD patches. On administration, it moves straight into your bloodstream; this is why it is one of the most potent pain relievers known to date.

Uses Of CBD Patches

CBD patches come with a long list of psychological benefits, collected from beneficial cannabis compounds, like CBD, THC, CBN, and THCA. You also enjoy a rich dose of terpenes like linalool, limonene, and others. How it works is simple: when administered to your skin, CBD will penetrate your skin and find its way to your bloodstream.

On finding its way to your bloodstream, you get the needed healing in an instant. It works as fast as described, there are no impediments of any sort, getting to work is everything left for the CBD patches, and it works just great.

Let's Look At The Types Of CBD Patches

They are two types of CBD patches, and they work differently, the reservoir patches and the matrix. Both are attached to the body still, but the functionality is different. 

Reservoir Patches

These are made using a 5-tier system with a release tier, contact adhesive, and an innovative rate-controlling membrane; this membrane will ensure your body gets the correct dose of CBD at every use. In addition, it has a drug reservoir and a back layer; it lasts longer than a matrix patch and can be used over a period. 

Matrix Patches

Just like the reservoir patches, the matrix patches have five layers. A peel-off layer that protects the CBD patch, a matrix layer prepared with CBD, you also get a separation layer, an adhesive layer, and finally a protective back layer. 

How Does A CBD Patch Work?

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The application of CBD patches gets 40-50% cannabidiol into your bloodstream, and this helps with pain, inflammation of the skin, muscle pain, joint pain, and anxiety-related complications, like insomnia. 

The use of CBD patches is easy, you only have to place the patch on your skin, and you are good to go.

Review Of The Best CBD Patches

Pure Ratios 96 Hour Relief Patch

This CBD patch comes in a pack of four flexible CBD patches designed to deliver up to 96 hours of CBD relief directly to your area of concern. Each patch can be used to treat a different area and can last for up to four days, so they’re perfect for everyday use! 

Pure Ratios water-proof transdermal patch contains award-winning, high-quality CBD hemp extract and delivers 40 mg of cannabinoids to the bloodstream over a 96 hour time period.

Pure Kana Relief Patches

PureKana has a full CBD pack, which offers more than what you get on regular CBD patches. It is full-spectrum hemp with a large 60 mg of CBD that gets you a complete package, well-rooted to meet your needs. Whether you are taking it for anxiety-related complications or to heal a wound, you get a full swing of CBD packed for this purpose. 

Each patch contains 0% THC, so your worries about getting high while medicating yourself are entirely assuaged. This may not sound so well for others, who will need a little high. It is wrapped with entirely organic ingredients like aloe vera and natural oils to give you a complete overall balance.

Social CBD Patches

While Social CBD’s patches come in various varieties, it is packed with enormous CBD components that make it an acceptable deal for your needs. You will enjoy 20 mg of CBD in each pack of three, allowing you to go easy at it until you find your balance. For the composition it is 0% THC and lasts for over 24-hours. 

These patches are sweat and water-resistant, giving you a comfortable feeling on your skin and complete healing therapy. The three-pack of 20 mg will amount to 60 mg, giving you a CBD patch experience you can kill for, and it works in great detail.

Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Patch

Say goodbye to your aches and pains with ease. These patches allow you to take a more active approach to deal with your long-term pain. Each patch contains 50 mg of premium CBD hemp oil that is combined with menthol and lidocaine for fast onset relief from the symptoms of pain.

Apply a patch to clean, dry areas of skin, such as an upper arm or thigh. The pain reliever patch can be worn for up to 8 to 12 hours, but the sleep aid patch should be worn no more than 7 days. Remove by peeling off slowly.

Mary’s Nutritionals Elite Transdermal Patch

Featuring a unique delivery system engineered to provide specific and dependable release, each of these transdermal patches contains 10 mg of cannabinoids. The cannabinoids are delivered directly into the bloodstream through the skin, where they’re rapidly absorbed into your body.

The patch will gradually deliver 10 milligrams of hemp extract into your system per day. The patch is laser cut for precision, and the ingredients are propylene glycol, acrylic adhesive, eucalyptus, naturally derived terpenes, and sunflower lecithin.

Fleur Marché Relief Plz Patch

There’s no need to worry about your next workout wrecking your back and knees. Use the Fleur Marché CBD transdermal patch to soothe pain, boost recovery, and make getting back into fighting shape easy and fun again.

It’s infused with peppermint oil and hemp grown from Santa Marta, Colombia, making it much faster to recover after your workout than other CBD products.

CBD Living Comfort Patches

This CBD Living Comfort Patch is made with 100% non-GMO CBD and hypoallergenic, water-resistant adhesive to help keep the patch on, even through showering, swimming, or exercise.

Their patented Skin Retention Technology enhances absorbency and helps nutrients penetrate more deeply into the skin layers. It’s like a supplement you wear!

Be Trū Wellness Body Pain Relief Patch

Apply to any area of discomfort to provide 96 hours of pain relief! Be Trü Wellness patches feature a unique formula combining the power of menthol, lidocaine, and their proprietary hemp extract, formulated to be safe for anyone.

These patches are manufactured from high-quality polyethylene, which contains no BPA.

Jane's Medicinal Patches

Though one of the lesser-known ways it can be taken, CBD patching offers an easy alternative for those that live a busy lifestyle but want a convenient way to experience the many health benefits that CBD has to offer. The Jane’s Medicinals CBD Patch is a quick way to provide your body with CBD through skin absorption. You simply apply the CBD patch and forget about it!

Don’t let the earthy flavor of a CBD tincture, concentrate, or edible scare you away. That’s because Jane’s Medicinals CBD Patches are made with 100% USA-grown hemp extract – grown without any pesticides or herbicides – and contain no THC.

Side Effects Of CBD Patches

There are no known long-term complications with the use of CBD patches; however, you will encounter some short-term, temporary, and subtle issues usually resulting from first use. This includes mild fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, weight gain or loss, nausea, and possibly vomiting. As stated already, these are short effects that stop after a while. 

Final Words

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CBD patches are a great way to heal the body from the pains and complications that we may get.

Opposed to taking CBD orally, CBD patches provide more effective and instant relief from all pains, as it reaches the bloodstream much faster than other methods. 

If you need a quick result to combat persistent pain, opting for CBD patches may be an excellent option for you.

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