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Guides | 02.26.2023

Top 10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Personal Growth In 2023

These Instagram accounts are full of valuable content that you shouldn't miss!

Your Instagram feed can be full of, well, whatever you want. It’s quite normal nowadays to do detoxes of followed Instagram accounts, removing what doesn’t contribute and adding what truly brings value to life.

If you don’t want to keep spending hours scrolling through meaningless posts that don’t help your growth, you might want to take a look at these Instagram accounts that will help you with personal growth this 2023.

We believe that this year is about being our best selves and that includes the content we consume on social media. We present you our current favorite accounts related to personal growth, from wellness, positivity, exercise, finance, and motivation.


Photo by Quotes by Christie

If you are looking for personal growth, this account has what you are looking for. Here you will find beautifully illustrated quotes full of hard truths to reflect on and feel identified.

In this Instagram account, you will see short phrases, long paragraphs, and finely crafted illustrations, all with a sense of personal growth that will make you reflect as they are full of meaning and learning. They are also perfect for reposting when you want to share messages from the account!


By Ben Meer

This is the Instagram profile of Ben Meer, a systems enthusiast who created through his social platforms a community where he shares valuable information about personal development.

Here you will find teachings through systems for wealth, health, and free time.

His posts are full of tips and advice to improve day by day, with knowledge and experiences in different aspects from productivity, relationships, entrepreneurship, and more.


Photo by Ben Meer

Here you will find everything for personal growth, no wonder they have more than 5 million followers.

Positive reminders for the day-to-day, images full of meaning, and even references for social causes. Don’t miss their content and valuable contribution to growth. @wetheurban is here to share a valuable message about personal power.


By Matt Gray

Matt Gray’s account is a must for personal growth in 2023. Here you will find tips for your business, learn about finances, how to grow as a person, and in general repurpose the way you see the world.

An account full of valuable teachings available to anyone who wants to take them. Don’t miss out on following @mattgrey on Instagram to fill yourself with valuable content on a daily basis.

This will be your favorite source of tips and habits to keep in mind when searching for your life’s purpose.


Photo by Erin Lowry//Broke Millennial®

As you might guess, knowing how to manage your finances is part of personal growth. Broke Millennial is a financial Instagram account dedicated to helping its followers understand and manage their money.

There’s everything here: articles, captions, videos, and podcasts on how people can save their cash flow, start an emergency fund or take care of debt. This is a must-follow account in 2023 if you want to learn how to manage – and improve – your finances.


Photo by DLC Anxiety

It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed at times, and anxiety is part of everyday life for millions of people, but relax! You are not alone. This account makes posts about anxiety, especially for normalizing it and learning to manage it, as well as for other mental illnesses that are becoming more and more common.

Part of personal growth is knowing when to pause and listen to our own body, as well as normalizing mental disorders and recognizing them in our lives and the people around us. Don’t miss this account full of valuable content!


Photo by Visually Wise | Visual Wisdom

In @visuallywise you will find images with different graphics that are simple but with powerful messages. There are images of personal motivation, business, and growth.

A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words, you wouldn’t believe the invaluable learnings that a single image from this account can give you.


Photo by Catherine | The Blissful Mind

This Instagram account is from a mindset coach who talks a lot about how to take care of yourself.

Here you can learn about self-care in a simple and authentic way. You will also find real recommendations as well as captions full of experiences.

At @theblissfulmind you will find real posts full of value for your life.


Photo by Ellevest

Ellevest’s Instagram account tells you the basics of financial planning, where there are images, tips, and videos that inspire you to have a different attitude towards finances.

It is especially focused on inspiring women to take control of their finances and invest in their future.


Photo courtesy of KAYLA ITSINES

This account has more than 15 million followers. Here you will find a real version of what it’s like to be a woman in the sports field with two children, part of personal growth is health care through exercising, so this account is a must in 2023.

But it is not only exercise content, you will also find phrases, captions, and a community of women who give advice and tips to improve every day.

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