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Learn | 01.13.2023

The Top 10 Twitter Accounts To Follow For Personal Growth In 2023

Work smarter, not harder. Here are the best Twitter accounts for self-improvement in 2023.

What does your Twitter feed look like? Popular videos, funny memes, and one-sentence punchlines only do you good for the moment. 

Mindlessly scrolling through social media for a laugh is something we can all relate to, but intentionally filling your feed with helpful tips, techniques, and advice for self-improvement will do you wonders, whether you’re planning to launch a business or master the game of life. 

Read on to learn more about how you can improve your daily life with help from the top 10 Twitter accounts for self-improvement and personal growth in 2023.  

Matt Gray @matt_gray_

Whether you’re looking for help scaling your brand or want to fill your feed with everyday wellness tips, Matt Gray is your guy. 

He started Bitmaker, a technology school that trained full-stack software engineers. After being acquired by General Assembly, Matt founded Herb and Founder OS. The latter’s newsletter presents one new business growth tip every Saturday morning. 

The goal-oriented self-proclaimed “Systems Guy” often tweets about tips and habits to consider when searching for your life’s purpose while providing valuable insight on how he and others scaled various businesses. 

Dan Koe @thedankoe

Dan Koe highlights what the future of working looks like through various lenses, including:

  • Philosophy
  • Curiosity
  • The Internet

He’s busy building businesses like 2 Hour Writer and Modern Mastery HQ. He’s an excellent writer and entrepreneur, helping other business owners find their purpose and take control of their lives with unique, in-depth threads regarding how to live a fulfilling future and “how to do whatever the fuck you want.” 

Alex Brogan @_alexbrogan

Skills, concepts, and self-care. Alex Brogan’s Twitter page is packed with practical tips and habits to help you “get better at the game of life.” 

He strives to help others improve their everyday lives by sharing his knowledge and experiences of various life aspects, from time management to becoming a skilled listener. 

His threads are geared toward individuals looking to master their journey on this earth through timeless advice that helps you view daily interactions and routines with confidence. 

Johnny Brown @johnnyxbrown

Anyone can benefit from the various techniques shared on Johnny Brown’s Twitter. This 10-year entrepreneur focuses on high-performance techniques that maximize your workflow and daily wellness. 

He founded Progress Protocol, an online tool to help you keep track and be more mindful of daily actions by developing habits that pave the way for a high-performance life. 

His threads often cover advice surrounding the following topics:

  • Developing healthy habits
  • How to maximize your performance
  • Tools for building your business

Colby Kultgen @thecolbykultgen

Want to improve yourself by 1% every day? Colby Kultgen has you covered. His Twitter page dissects various habits and techniques you can easily implement into your everyday life to become the best version of yourself. 

He also offers the 1% Better Newsletter, helping over 3,700 people improve their daily habits through Kultgen’s five favorite discoveries of the week. His Twitter threads often cover valuable tips on time management and training your brain to free its addiction to distractions. 

Brad Stulberg @BStulberg

Brad Stulberg co-founded The Growth Equation, whose newsletter shares weekly advice on the science, art, and practice of sustainable excellence. He’s deeply rooted in mastery, well-being, and excellence, which are the foundation of his book, The Practice of Groundedness

Through his experience with writing, researching, and coaching, he shares threads on how to reach your peak performance and genuine excellence through simple daily habits. He shares his daily rhythms in hopes of inspiring others to find a routine that works for them. 

Cory Muscara @corymuscara

Cory Muscara is a former monk who frequently shares what he learned through meditating 15 hours a day with one of the world’s toughest Buddhist monks.

His Practicing Human newsletter has over 5,000 loyal subscribers, all eager to hear Muscara’s five weekly tips for getting better at life. 

He’s also the author of Stop Missing Your Life and a positive Psychology instructor at the University of Penn. Follow his Twitter for perspectives, tips, and mantras to help you master 2023. 

Anne-Laure Le Cunff @anthilemoon

Anne-Laure Le Cunff is the founder of Ness Labs, an online learning community designed for ambitious knowledge workers striving to “think better, learn faster, and work happier.” 

She’s a writer who focuses on creative thinking, mindful productivity, and metacognition. Anne-Laure’s Twitter page centers around themes of diversifying your knowledge by following the best accounts while prompting conversations surrounding topics like utilizing specific resources to help you become a more confident public speaker. 

Tiago Forte @fortelabs

You might know him as The Second Brain Guy. Tiago Forte is an entrepreneur and writer who authored the book Building A Second Brain, which discusses ways to manage and succeed in the complex modern day. 

Tiago’s Twitter page is dedicated to productivity. He also offers the Forte Labs Newsletter, sharing tips on how to build a second brain, organize your digital life, and unleash your creative potential. His tweets cover themes from organization and meeting deadlines to mastering productivity. 

Orange Book @orangebook_

Orange Book is less of a person and more of a page dedicated to learning on the go. This page shares thoughts that trigger other thoughts while encouraging you to work smarter, not harder. 

Their Orange Book Newsletter invites you to write the book you want to read. This Twitter page shares valuable tweets regarding the benefits of reading, how to improve your relationships, and how to become the smartest and healthiest version of yourself. 

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