What Can I Do With My Already Vaped Buds?

You have been throwing away perfectly intoxicating THC if you are throwing out your already vaped buds! Find out what you can with vaped weed, rather than throw it out.

What can I do with my vaped weed?

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Already vaped weed, vaporizing enthusiasts, is not trash. Yes, that means all this time you have spent throwing out your AVBs (already vaped buds), you have been throwing away perfectly intoxicating THC.

Some people think that once you have vaped your buds, that all the THC has been extracted from them. However, this is not true! In fact, the amount of THC that remains in the buds depends on the temperature at which it is vaporized. Most of your left over AVBs still have some THC left over, and today you´re going to learn how to use that!

Don´t make your buds go black

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First things first, don’t vape your buds at too high a temperature. You will know if the temperature you are using is too high because when you take your buds out they will be black and crispy. If this is what your buds are looking like, they are no good for reusing. However, if you vape your buds at 350-375 F then you will still be able to get your maximum high, and still have some THC left to use in your buds.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to get less high from vaping – because burning the buds does not make you higher. Burning lower just helps keep some of the cannabinoids intact.

AVB is perfect for cooking

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Now, it´s probably not a good idea go ahead and smoke the buds that you have already vaped. But because of what you´ve already done to them by vaporizing, they are perfect for making edibles.

What happens when you vaporize your weed and expose it to heat is the CBD-A and THC-A in your weed are effectively turned into CBD and THC. This is the stuff that makes you really, really stoned. So the good news is, your weed is already activated. It could still contain 20-30 percent of the THC it contained before you vaped it, and that is still plenty of THC for getting high on edibles.

This means you can save your vaped buds and for your cannabutter, you can add twice as much weed as you usually do (it will be already vaped this time). When creating your cannabutter, use a butter that has a very high-fat content. This will help your cannabinoids bind better to the butter.

Have you ever made marijuana tincture?

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This is probably one of the more unusual things to do with your AVBs. This process involves taking your AVBs (the recipe requires only about half an ounce of AVB to be good and strong), mixing them with alcohol and then a process of distillation to create a tincture.

After evaporating most of the alcohol out of the mixture, it becomes a potent marijuana tincture. It just needs a few drops on the tongue to feel a buzz. This might also be a good option for those people using marijuana medicinally because the tincture will contain the THC but may not be the biggest buzz. This is the best way to get more of the THC into your body, especially if you´re using it as medicine.

Learn how to make a marijuana tincture

In summary, the point is, don’t throw your AVBs away. It may take a while to collect enough to make a batch of cannabutter, but it is perfectly good THC in there!

The LEVO Oil Infuser might come in handy here, too!

Do you have any other good tips for AVBs? If so, let us know on social media.

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November 03, 2015
Written by Sera Jane Ghaly

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