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Herb Plus | 03.24.2023

How To Identify Your Target Audience In The Cannabis Market

Everything you need to know about targeting audiences in the cannabis industry.

In the world of cannabis marketing, there is a fundamental factor and that is to determine who your campaigns are aimed at. That is why you must identify your target audience from the beginning.

A medical cannabis campaign focused on seniors is not the same as a recreational cannabis campaign focused on millennials and gen Zs. These differences may seem silly, a marketing campaign is a marketing campaign, but the issue is much more complex than that.

Identifying, segmenting, and knowing your cannabis brand’s target audience will ensure that any marketing strategy is designed with them in mind, which is likely to have better results and achieve the ultimate goals of the overall campaign.

Why It Is Important To Understand Your Target Audience In The Cannabis Marketplace

Photo by Fauxels / Pexels

Understanding the target audience in the cannabis market is crucial to the success of any cannabis business. This is because the cannabis market is very diverse and encompasses a wide range of users, from medical patients to recreational users. Each user group has different needs and preferences that must be addressed by companies to meet their needs and increase their brand loyalty.

That is why it is essential that before designing any cannabis marketing strategy, it is important to think about the target audience of the brand and the specific campaign. For example, the same brand may have cannabis topicals that are designed for arthritis, as well as vapes with novel cannabinoids such as THCP that are focused on a younger audience, both products can be promoted through marketing campaigns, but they would have totally opposite approaches if you consider the target audience of each one.

That is the relevance of understanding the target audience of the cannabis market and of the brand itself, even of individual products, to be able to design customized marketing strategies that have better long-term results.

Identifying And Segmenting Your Target Audience In The Cannabis Market

To identify and segment the target audience in the cannabis market, companies can use several methods, all depending on the brand’s objectives and approach to the topic.

One fairly useful and simple alternative is to collect demographic information such as age, gender, location, income level, and marital status. To identify groups of users with similar needs and preferences that could identify with the brand and its DNA.

To understand your target market, it is critical to identify the key demographics of your customers: Are they primarily male or female? What is their age range? What is their income level? What are their interests and hobbies?

Understanding these demographics can help you tailor your marketing efforts to appeal to your specific target market.

Another useful option is to use psychographic targeting, which involves using information about users’ personalities, values, and lifestyles. This information can help companies to better understand users’ needs and preferences, as well as to create more effective advertising messages.

The target audience for cannabis brands can vary greatly from brand to brand, as it all depends on the type of product, the brand’s DNA, and its ultimate goals.

Another important aspect to consider when identifying your target market is their level of experience with cannabis. Are they new to the market and need education on the different types of products and their uses? Or are they experienced consumers looking for specific strains or products?

It’s also important to consider the legal landscape of your target market. In states where cannabis is still illegal, your target market may be limited to medical consumers, for example.

Here are some keys that can help a cannabis brand identify and segment its target audience.

Understanding The Needs And Preferences Of Your Target Audience

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Once the target audience in the cannabis market has been identified and segmented, companies should strive to understand their needs and preferences.

This can be accomplished by conducting surveys, market research, and sales data analysis.

Companies can also gain valuable information by interacting directly with users. For example, they can organize events and trade shows where users can test products and share their opinions. They can also create online discussion groups where users can share their experiences and comments.

Remember that in the cannabis industry, there are many types of target audiences, as it all depends on each company where they want to direct their marketing efforts. Among the main types of target audiences are:

Medical Patients: They use cannabis for medical purposes, such as relieving pain, reducing anxiety, or treating a specific disease.

Recreational Users: Use cannabis for recreational purposes, such as relaxing or enhancing social experiences.

Cannabiculturists: These are people who are passionate about cannabis and have a deep knowledge of the different strains, cultivation techniques, and consumption methods.

How To Use Target Audience Information To Improve Marketing Strategies

Once target audience information has been collected and understood in the cannabis market, companies can use it to improve their marketing strategy. For example, they can create advertising messages that are tailored to the needs and preferences of different user groups.

They can also use this information to improve the user experience at the point of sale. For example, they can create product bundles that meet the needs of specific users or offer discounts and special offers to encourage brand loyalty.

It is important to note that understanding the target audience in the cannabis market is not a static task. User needs and preferences may change over time and companies must be prepared to adapt to these changes to remain relevant and competitive in the marketplace.

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