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learn | 01.01.2022

What a $20 Bag of Weed Looks Like In South Africa

Weed around the world comes in all shapes and prices, but South Africa takes the cake when it comes to bang for your buck.

Jah man! All around the world, we hear about those weed heavens and places where the ganja is floating in the air. Through the grapevine, we hear stories of people scoring big buds at low prices but with legalization well underway, we begin to see how much a dollar can really be stretched when it comes to cannabis, and with that, what a $20 bag of weed looks like in South Africa

Jamaica has long been known to serve up a nice chunk of the marijuana pie in large quantities for a low price; $20 there will get you two grams elsewhere. In places where cannabis is sold over the counter, we are looking at prices well over $10 per gram. True, high-quality marijuana elicits a steeper price, but for those of us who have yet to move to a weed Utopia, there are other options.

Swaziland: Location, location, location!

South Africa is a big place and marijuana abounds. You could say the ganja is readily available at every turn or on any given day. But let us central our focus on this small country bordering Mozambique: Swaziland. Faced with serious economic, political and social issues, it’s safe to say that a bag of weed is probably the last thing on everyone’s mind. However, in this video clip we get an inside view of how low we can go on that price to quantity ratio. One reason:

”Swaziland dedicates more hectares of land to growing Cannabis than all of India. It is also home to Swazi Gold, the legendary sativa strain.”

Rich soil and a culture respecting the cannabis plant will always result in a place where price really is secondary to quality. At this level of purchasing privilege, would you really only buy $20 worth of weed if you could get a kilo for $100? I guess it all depends on your taste, place, time and wallet.

How does this compare wih prices in your area? Tell us on Social Media or in the comments section below.

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